Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How I do mid life crisis

The few Americans I know who have not been touched by the recession are busy buying sports cars and convertibles.  I'm not impressed.  Here's how I do a mid-life crisis.  Thinking about a pink wig.  I've  written of my love for pink hair on this blog several times (see previous posts here and here).

I fell in love with pink hair the first time I saw Dale Bozzio.  I wore the Annie Hall uniform, but my hair was pink with white streaks.  Pink hair is an addiction I never got over.  I still love it.

I know I'm the only person in the world who is not a Lady Gaga fan.  But I gotta give props where they are due.  This is the prettiest I've ever seen her look.  The girl rocks a pink wig.
Ya'll know that Nicki Minage is the shit right now.  That girl really rocks a pink wig.  See previous post here.  This outfit was on a fashion faux paus list, but I kinda dig it.  Love the graphic leggings with the clear mini, the pink jacket, and I always love piles of bangles.
Look at this coy little cutie!  Innocent and sultry at the same time.
I should've bought this Hello Kitty bag I saw at Target.  I worried that I would look ridiculous carrying it.  By the time I went back, it was gone.  Surprise.  I wish I was one of those daring people who wore whatever they wanted and didn't think for one minute about whether people were judging them.  If self-acceptance is a topic you're interested in, here's a couple of cool blogs to check out: 

I bet this fab lady would carry a Hello Kitty bag, wear a pink wig and wouldn't worry what anyone thinks.  Advanced Style is an awesome blog written by Ari Seth Cohen.  If you love style, fashion, moxie, freedom and confidence, you'll love it.  Maybe I should just take the plunge and buy this pink wig.  What do you think dear readers, would you sport a pink wig?  Wanna see more?  Check out my flickr gallery, here.

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