Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OTT Decor and Tons of Color

Dear readers, I have a ton of pictures in my inspiration folder that I'd like to share.  You already know that I've been obsessing about color and OTT decor for some time. For Fall I'm thinking of going in the completely opposite direction.  I am anxiously looking forward to cooler weather, and that leads me to think of cooler more relaxing colors. As you know, I've also been obsessing about gray for a long while and am itching to paint an apartment in a sultry gray.  But for now, I thought I'd have a last summer blow-out if you will.  Here's a bunch of cool ideas and over the top color.  Hope you enjoy!

I love a monochromatic room!  This room is intriguing, although I don't think I could live in a red room.  I could probably live here if it were all done in a lighter pink though.  What about you?  Could you live in a red room?  I do dearly love the pillows and the modern lamp.  Wallpaper is having a huge resurgence, but I'm still not completely sold.  I think I was traumatized by the time I ripped all of the wallpaper out of an old house.  Ripping wallpaper is a nightmare!

If I were going to go monochrome, I'd prefer blue.  Perhaps I'm just more drawn to the cooler colors.  I love this room, love the funky sofa.  The paint treatment in this photo is a lot easier to change than wallpaper if you get tired of it.  Notice the pillow, it's the gorgeous pillow from Yoskay Yamamoto that I wrote about here.  Go Yoskay!  Above two images via Living Etc.

Oh boy.  They are really selling the wallpaper thing hard.  I must admit I love this look, although I know I'd grow tired of it.  Here's a couple of options if you are wall-paper challenged.  Do a stenciling treatment instead, or buy a big piece of wallpaper and frame it.  I adore the Asian lanterns with the Honami ceramic stools from Anthropologie.  I need a couple of those.  

If you're digging the Asian thing (as I am!), here's some cool pictures courtesy of Jo at Desire to Inspire.  Jo recently snapped these pictures of Freedom's Summer range at a show in Sydney, Australia.  I'm glad she did - I think they are fab!  I love the bench and console table.  Also really love the lighting.  I think that's a pretty easy idea you could do at home with supplies from World Market.

I've always loved the look of mismatched chairs and this is a particularly great example of the look.  Love the colors and love that they are all vintage. Image Wes Bennett. If you love sleek, industrial and repurposed furniture and lamps, you gotta check out Wes' shop.  It's awesome.  I love his profile too.  He reminds us that our purchases on Etsy help "fuel the rise of the creative class."  Dig it.  I'm all for that.  I think this look needs to be amped up with a totally awesome chandelier.

Speaking of funky, repurposed lamps, how do you like this "the birds and the bees" chandelier?  This is a pretty fun idea.  I saw this in a small shop on Bainbridge Island when I was in Seattle recently.  The owners embellished a cylinder lamp with birds and bees they got at a craft shop.  They told me you never know how the lamp will look because they change it on a whim.  Image by Peggy.

Even though I'm not a fan of wallpaper, I'm in love with large decals.  I love the graphic punch of this one against the black wall.  By the way, I don't see any indication that the accent black wall trend is going away any time soon.  Not that trends really matter anyway.  What matters is that you love your home and have fun with it.  Image Roger Davies.

Let's face it.  Flower art has been done to death.  The only way to make it fresh is to make it big!  I love this big peony in an entry way featured in Martha Stewart Living, May 2011.  The peony is from a mural designed by Eric Beare and is available at Murals Your Way.  They also do custom murals, but it doesn't look like they are cheap.
In keeping with my continuing love of the Novogratzes, here is another wall treatment I love.  A collage of fashion photography.  This is something I've always wanted to experiment with.
I told you, wallpaper manufacturers are selling it hard.  This wallpaper is too groovy.  I'd love to see it paired with a couple hot pink Queen of Love Armchairs by Moro-Pigatti.  This fab chair is a reinterpretation of the classic Louis XV.  I adore reinterpretations of classic furniture, done in unexpected materials and colors.   Wallpaper image This Next via Lovely Black and White.

I always love large art in a room.  I prefer to see a large piece rather than a grouping.  But here's another idea I like.  Notice the one patterned chair in an otherwise mostly neutral room.  This is a great way to use pattern and make it pop.  It's not too much and even though the chair is very colorful, the room still looks simple.  (I miss Metropolitan Home, don't you?)
Decor, for me, is really all about juxtapositions, and here's another a cool one to try.  Forget modern sofas.  Head to vintage stores and grab that granny chic sofa.  Then pair it with industrial looking, unexpected coffee tables and lights.  The crate in this photo works well, as does the modern hanging lamp.  Notice the pop of color comes from the sofa and almost everything else is neutral.  Image Design Sponge.

If you're not feeling sure what colors you want to live with, here's a great idea.  Pillows!  Pillows can be easily changed on a whim and they add great texture and luxury to a space.  I prefer to keep pattern to a minimum, but these work because they are all in the same color scheme.  I also adore the modern reinterpretation of the Warhol classic above the sofa.  Image via Apartment Therapy.

Well, dear readers, what do you think?  Do you see any ideas here you'd like to try?

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