Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love of vases, ceramic and glass

I need to sign up for a pottery class. The signs are obvious. I obsess about vases and bottles. This weekend, I drew vases and am planning to do paintings of vases. I even discovered some new artists I would like to share with you. My first love is ceramics and porcelain, but I am also falling deeply in love with art glass. Here are some fine examples of all of the above. Enjoy!

Thank you to Elle Decoration, UK Edition for introducing me to the work of French ceramicist Georges Jouve (1910-1964). Images from Jousse Entreprise.

Thank you also to ED, UK for introducing me to the Fabbriche collection by Rosaria Rattin for Kose. She designed the fuchsia vase above. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it! Hot pink is my absolute favorite color, and finding a modern vase in this color is difficult. I adore it paired with a more vintage looking Chinese, as well as the warm color combined with cool. (This is a color scheme I've written about quite a bit.)

I had some difficulty finding more of her vases. I love them! Wish they were available in the U.S. I want them all. They appear to be matte finish, which is my favorite.

This image came from a Chinese blog (link). Simply beautiful.

Thank you to Vogue Living Australia for introducing me to the incredible work of Robin Best. Ms. Best has a deep reverence for the ancient Chinese traditions. She crafts vessels influenced by this tradition and pairs them with her modern vessels. I am in awe of her craftsmanship. She is also making me rethink the placement of my vases. Though I generally do not like patterns, I adore the way they pop against the white simple forms.

Images from Ceramics, Art & Perception.

I am mixing glass and ceramics more. I never thought anyone could rival my love of Blenko, but Joe Cariati is doing just that. I am insanely in love with his glass works.

I love his take on the popular vintage barber shop bottle.

Yep. It was a good weekend.


I had cause to celebrate on Friday, I wanted to treat myself to something nice for the weekend. My choice:

Shelter magazines! What a treat! I went all out and bought two of my favorites. Vogue Living from Australia and Elle Decoration, UK Edition. I tend to like the foreign shelter magazines better than the American ones. The only problem is when I see something I like, it's usually not available in the U.S. These magazines did not disappoint, and I even discovered several potters I didn't know about.

I wish I could get my hands on Elle Decoration, South African Edition. For now I am happy with their wonderful blog (link). Congratulations to Diana Fayt who was featured on their blog! (See my previous posts about Diana, here.)

What is your favorite shelter magazine? I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lamp Tramp

I am always fascinated by light fixtures. Everywhere I go, I tend to focus on the lights. This show stopper was at the restaurant where we celebrated SNL's birthday. I want it! I mentioned to the server how fascinated I was by the fixture, he said he had never noticed it. Imagine.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pottery Jones

Tonk said it had been a while since I did a pottery post. Guess I've been remiss. Here's a fix for pottery junkies everywhere. Happy Friday!

Aren't these gorgeous! I love these simple organic forms by flickr user Ninainvorm. Nina's pottery can be purchased at her etsy store, here. Besides being a talented ceramicist, Nina is skilled at display and decorating her home, which you can read about on her delightful blog, here.

Spirogoya vases from Graham and Green. How cute would these be with a single stem of Queen Anne's Lace in each vase?

These beautiful works are from etsy user Jenni Brant. I adore them. One of each, please!

Celedon vase crafted by Duangkamol of Thailand, available at Novica.

Gorgeous bowl by David Piper is available at The Artful Home.

The Most Beautiful Pillows in the World....

...are designed by Michaela Scherrer. Scherrer is one of my favorite designers, she has a soft touch influenced by vintage Japanese textiles. Her rooms are modern, simple and lush.

Her pillows are horribly expensive, but like I said, they are the most beautiful pillows in the world. Images from Vivre.

Wish I'd Painted That

I adore Maxine Sutton's work, although I suppose this is technically needlepoint and not a painting. Her work certainly makes me rethink needlepoint. This piece would look great in my home. Image from Black White Yellow.

Because Everything Must be Beautiful...

I have a dresser I want to paint and replace the knobs. Anthropologie has proven that it is possible to fall in love with knobs.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pearl Lamp

I recently posted a list of my favorite lamps of all time. (See previous post here.) I'd like to add the pearl lamp by Lampister to that list. Isn't this lamp totally fab? I could see it in the silver room I described below. I could see a couple of ghost chairs sitting underneath it. I just adore it!

I can't find much information about it, but I expect that to change. I imagine we will be seeing this everywhere. Simply gorgeous. Image from Interiors from Spain.


Obama series by Shepard Fairey at Neu Black.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have a fantasy of decorating a room entirely in silver. I've written about my love of silver before. (See previous post here.) Today I am envisioning a modern silver room, but also one that is ultra glam. Of course, the walls and floor would be white, so the silver pieces would appear as though floating on a cloud. Here are some pieces I'd have in the room. Hope you enjoy!

The ultimate fantasy sofa. Anyone sitting on this piece would look like a god or goddess. Image from Deeply Madly Living.  Of course the room would need silver ottomans and poufs. A few of these would do the trick.
Image from Marie Claire Maison.

The egg chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen, is one of my favorite designs of all time.  I adore it in silver!   I also adore the painting above the fireplace. Image from Beale-Lana.

I've shown this fab dresser before, I simply adore it!  I would love to have this for my flat screen TV. Image from Burke Decor.

Or this dresser from the Jacques Garcia Collection for Baker would do the trick. Drool. Image from Kohler Interiors.

Of course, the room would, of course, need silver vases. These might do the trick. Image from Brocade Home.
Mercury wastebaskets from Marie Claire Maison. I would probably put flowers in them or use them as umbrella stands.
I also dig this chandelier from Marie Claire Maison. Just the right amount of funkiness.
Untitled, 2008, 24" x 24", acrylic on canvas

Here is my most recent painting. This painting is in honor of the full moon and is an experiment in white, silver and texture. I would love to see this painting in an all silver room.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A trip to the vintage store

I went to my favorite vintage store today! It's always such a treat, so when I need a pick me up, that's where I go.

They always have plenty of pottery and art glass, so it's heaven for me.

Look at this beauty that was hiding in the back. Love it! An orange sofa would fit right in my place.

And dig this Eastman print.

And yellow art deco teapot. Never seen one like it.

I've been feeling like I need to add yellow to my decor.

So I broke down and bought one of these yellow pillows. It's been a long time since I bought myself something.
Even the bag they put it in was a work of art!

Here's the pillow at home in my living room with a couple of my new paintings. Now I am on the hunt for a purple velvet slipper chair, because this room needs a touch of purple. Surprising how much color I'm using these days. It sure does become addicting.

These colors make me happy!

The most popular poster in the universe, now available in chartruese! sfgirlbybay.

Purse from etsy user Alamodestuff.

Darling hat from etsy user bonniesknitting. Would look great with this dress:

from etsy user thirteenleafclover.

Generally not into the whole cute thing with birds and deer, but this guy stole my heart. From etsy user runny bunni.

Gorgeous pillow from etsy user ouno.

Kim Westad in pink! What could be better? I want this!

Apologies to the ebay user who posted this, I cannot find the link. Maybe it's been sold. Certainly is groovy and I think everyone recognizes that this is LSA glass. Great color. Shoulda bought when these were available at Target.

Sake set from Judith Weber at the Guild.

Dishes from Mary Ann Davis at the Guild.

Who's that lady? From etsy user Kecky.

Beautiful room from my new favorite site. Marie Claire Maison.

Don't worry - be happy!


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