Thursday, June 12, 2008

Color Scheme 3 - Purple/Orange/Olive

I often create rooms in my head around art that I have created. I recently took this photo and am happy with the results. I've imagined many rooms around it. This is just one.

I'd love to saturate the orange and have this image rasterized to make it huge.

Then I'd place it in a room with pure white walls, white floors and a purple sofa.

Image from Marie Claire Maison (I am addicted to this site!) Blame it on Starbucks, but ever since I plopped on one of their comfy purple chairs I have wanted a comfy purple sofa.  Of course the pillows are all wrong and need to be replaced by orange pillows, like these ones from Target.
Don't believe that orange and purple look great together? See previous post about purple and orange, here
There's only one lamp that would work in this space and that is, of course, the Bauhaus arc lamp in olive from CB2.

Now for accessories.  The room needs an organic touch. Organic shaped bowls in a pale pink would do the trick. I could see the bowls lined up on a floating shelf. The shelf should be painted the same color as the wall, so that it almost disappears and should be hung eye level from a sitting position on the sofa. That way the forms can be contemplated while lounging.  A joyous meditation indeed. Bowls like these from Marie Claire Maison would work nicely.

And maybe throw in a couple of Karim Rashid sake cups that I wrote about here.  I am always creating rooms in my head. It's great fun, but I'd love to take some photoshop and design classes so I can make the rooms more real.

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