Monday, June 2, 2008

Jeremiah Ketner's Exciting Evolution

I am sure everyone in the blogging world is familiar with the wonderful work of the prolific Jeremiah Ketner. However, Jeremiah has a new muse and his work is going through a very exciting evolution. This new phase is definitely something to watch.

I've been following Jeremiah Ketner's work for some time. Jeremiah was included in my year end review of important painters. (See previous post here.) There is a Utopian quality to his work. Sweet little creatures inhabit Jeremiah's canvases. His canvases are whimsical and without care. Clearly Jeremiah's world is a happy place to be, even the raindrops are happy.

As a lover of toys, I was excited to see Jeremiah's custom toys.

Custom UniPo formerly available at Rotofugi. Isn't this adorable? When I win the lottery I want one!

Jeremiah's new work is nothing short of astonishing. And given the cute factor of the work we are used to seeing from him, I must admit it is a little shocking in its sexiness - which makes it all the more compelling. The images are so alluring, they are impossible not to look at, and actually make perfect sense. And while the work is sexy, it is tempered with innocence.

Jeremiah's work has always had a certain amount of romance to it, so his new works featuring newly-born nymphs is part of an evolution and spiritual growth for him.

I, for one, will be watching this new period in his career. Great work, Jeremiah! Thanks for being an inspiration! See more of Jeremiah's new work at his flickr set, here.

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