Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Color Inspiration: Pink and Gray

Dear readers, as you know I'm obsessing about decorating a new apartment. I know I want to include gray in my color scheme, I'll probably do an accent wall. And of course, I wants lots of pink. That goes without say. Here's some more pictures from my inspiration folder. Hope you enjoy.I'd love to have a hot pink sofa! I love this image. I've been seeing a lot of sofas photographed in urban settings lately, and I think it's really cool. This makes me want to do a graffiti-inspired painting. For more images of sofas against gritty walls, click here.

Though not my style, I can totally appreciate these rooms. I'm not a fan of toile, paint by numbers or cluttered groupings of small paintings. The rooms are too shabby chic for my taste, yet I can't deny that they work. Love the pink lamp shade and the hot pink chair against the pale gray walls. I'd love to see something edgy or masculine added to the room. Maybe a black standing lamp. Kirsten Voortman via designspongeshop.

Love these hot pink walls! Especially love the walls paired with the blue chandelier. Gillian Colors Her World, featured in post below.

Wow. This may be the best Bohemian chic room I've seen. Love the masculine look of the gray Chesterfield juxtaposed with the pink pillows. Love the gray walls. Love the paintings. Image flickr user Live Bohemian.

This photo is so sublime. I'd love to make a wall mural out of it. Claude Gourlay.

Love the pink and gray walls! I'm definitely going to be doing a gray accent wall. Julie's Cozy & Vibrant via Apartment Therapy.

This is the home the designers stayed in for this season of Design Star. Love it. Although I'd have to add some pink, of course. Cute graphic painting.

I can even imagine doing an all gray room. I love this room, but I had to crop out the animal skin rug. Let's face it, they're just gross. Love the sofa, love the art. Image via Decor8.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Color Inspiration: Pale Gray and White

Dear readers, I am currently looking for a new apartment and am so excited about decorating! I can barely think about anything else. Since gray is one of my new favorite colors, I'm sure I will be including it. Here are some pictures from my inspiration folder. They may look like they are white rooms, but they are actually done in subtle shades of gray. Gray is such a mysterious, romantic and calming color. Hope you enjoy!

Of course, I would need to add some pink to this room, maybe by swapping the drapes, the artwork or adding pillows. However, I love the simplicity of this room. The pale gray walls fit nicely in this room. Nicole & Aaron's Illusion of Space via Apartment Therapy.

Beautiful metallic pillows and I love how the large painting anchors the room. Michael Moeller via HGTV.

My fantasy is a loft apartment. I definitely want an open floor plan. I love how Gillian hung curtains around her bed. I may be using this idea. Gillian Colors Her World via Apartment Therapy.

I adore the lighted canvas. I've always wanted to make one. Image via Ellen Silverman.

This room is so stunning (of course I would edit the animal skin rug). This room's juxtapositions are nothing short of amazing. The sofa is masculine looking, but the room reads as feminine. The room is simple, yet cozy.

I love a simple bedroom. Also love low scale. Above two images via designspongeshop.

Love the simplicity of this room. Love the shelves dividing the room. Love the large painting. Image via Brian Elston.

Love the pink chair and foot rest! FMD Architects.

Peter Margonelli via Desire to Inspire. The sublime beauty of these rooms renders me utterly speechless.
Love the built-ins. Image via Decor8.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My life and inspiration

Dear readers, sorry I've been remiss in my blogging. A little thing called Life has been overwhelming me. I know you feel me. If you're interested here's an update of some things that have been going on.

I recently worked on an internship with the fabulous installation artist Olga Ziemska. Olga is a fascinating and courageous woman. She's an independent thinker and more than any woman I've ever met, she lives life in an authentic way. Her integrity, words and actions are impeccable. Just how an artist should be. Her beautiful words and work will give you pause. Do check out her website. Olga will be presenting a new installation piece at Kent State University in the fall. Stay tuned for more details.

I met another fabulous artist. Haley Litzinger. She and I share a love of gritty urban art. She does amazing resin, multi-media pieces, I plan to do a post featuring her work. Her work is incredible, and so is her personality. This is one of those rare people you meet and know you will be lifelong friends. As an artist, it's not too often that people get me, she does and it feels good. She is wise beyond her years and an absolute joy to be with. She makes me smile and laugh. Here is Haley humoring me and my omnipresent camera. We were at a thrift store where I kept making her model vintage clothing.

Isn't she adorable! And that fabric is too fab. I've said it many times - good thing I can't sew and I'm not going to learn. If I could sew, I'd constantly be making vintage fabrics into pillows. I'd be buried in them!

Haley and I have been exploring urban lofts. I'd love to have an industrial loft. It would be so fun to decorate. One thing I learned from my studio apartment is that I definitely prefer an open space plan.

We checked out an old school house converted into lofts. Some of the rooms still had the chalk board, which I loved. I love the idea of being able to brainstorm and design on the board. Wouldn't it be fun to have an artist party and have everyone play on the chalkboard? Infinite rotating creativity in your home. Cool.

Haley and I recently explored the historic area called Tremont. Anyone who thinks Cleveland is not happening, needs to visit there. It's a totally fab neighborhood full of funky arty homes, galleries, and art at every turn. Like this mural that was outside a trendy restaurant.

I've also been working on some new urban shots, and I must admit I'm probably overdoing the photo manipulation software. I can't help it - I'm addicted. It's so fun. If you're interested, click here to see some of my new photographic work. What about you, dear readers? What have you been up to lately and what is inspiring you? I'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere, Part III

Today in my travels I came across these pieces at a wonderful store named Sweet Lorain. The lovely new owner was very patient with me, he let me play and rearrange. It was great fun. If I were rich I would have bought all these pieces. They would look great in an atomic ranch. Oh well, they are now part of my virtual collection. I adore the Italian inspired day bed and the mod turquoise lamps. I also adore the coffee and end tables. I am not familiar with this style. They were a very light weight laminate. If you can identify the designer of these pieces, please email me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere, Part II

Still dreaming of decorating my own apartment, I decided to stop in TJ Maxx. Here's more proof that you don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve a fab look.

Look at these yummy pieces all affordably priced! The chairs were $129 each and the silver chest was also $129. The lamp was only $29.00. I am totally digging pink, blue and silver together. I wanted all of these pieces, but only the lamp was in my budget. I had to have it. As you know, I love turquoise lamps (see previous post here).

Here's a peak at a corner in my bedroom with the new lamp. I love it! It fits well with my love of hot pink and blue. It also fits well with my love of simple shapes. I recently hung these pink curtains to make the room a cozy girl cave. If this were my place, I'd rip up that carpet. I can't wait to have my own place again, I will definitely paint the floor white.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere

Dear readers, you know how it is. Vacillation, that is. One day you want to live simply, with less things. The next day you go shopping and get over-stimulated by all the beautiful things. Humans definitely make beautiful things, and there is no shortage of them. You can live simply, and make your environment beautiful. It's all about balance. Inspiration is everywhere. It's better to look and gather inspiration rather than impulse buy.

I am always decorating fictitious rooms in my head. My current aesthetic is simple, clean, feminine but edgy, modern, Bohemian with a little retro-Asian thrown in. I am still enamored with color. Pink and blue, to be exact. I love the combination of hot pink with cool baby blue, or turquoise. Also, I'm seeing a lot of gray and silver and digging it. Here's some inspiration I saw while shopping. Hope you enjoy!

I've been seeing prints on canvas quite a bit lately. Even though I prefer an original painting, they look pretty good. The above print is by Michelle Armas and is available at Urban Outtfitters. Love the colors. Also from UO is this divine capis chandelier. Love it.

I'm always fascinated by display. I saw this display at UO. Love the color of the wall, and what a great idea for turning a pillow into wall art. I could see this done with any textile you love, like a scarf or a rug. I love the primitive look of the string and the unfinished wood juxtaposed with the fine fabric. Very creative.

At an exclusive mall in a Cleveland suburb, display was outrageous! The pieces were more expensive than anything I own and I could not stop drooling. Dig this silver end table. Just sitting in a store window. That baby begged me to take it home. Love silver pops in an edgy feminine home.

And for an unexpected edge, I'd love to make a pillow out of this Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt. I could see this in a really glam room decorated in plums, grays and black. Like this one (link).

I almost had a heart attack when I saw these Moooi pendant lamps by Bertjan Pot. I had never seen them in person before, only in magazines. And let me tell you, they are drool worthy. But I will wait for Target to produce a knock off.

Dig this ceiling. One of the design rules that's getting a lot of attention lately is that the ceiling should not be forgotten, it should be treated as a fifth wall. I love how they have carried this pattern to the ceiling but have not gone overboard. Just the right amount of whimsy, yet it's still simple.

On another side of town I saw a loft like space painted in the most sublime two tone gray. I love the ceiling and the fixtures painted gray.

In the same shop, this Buddha print really popped against the gray wall.

I saw these three lovelies in a vintage store. Here's another color scheme I adore: gray and orange (see previous post here). The vase in the middle is really tempting me. Love it's shape, love the geometric Asian motif. Hmm. May need to go back for that one. So many choices. What's a girl to do? I've said it before. Virtual collections are the best. They cost nothing, take up no space, don't have to be dusted. And the best part is you don't have to move them. Because as I'm finding out from my adventures in living simply - you should always pack light.


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