Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm in Denver, yo! It's all about love

Hi friends, as you know I'm in Colorado and it is Nirvana!!!  I came here to escape the insanity of the northern mid-west (is that a thing?)  Tough to get away from, and BTW I want to marry Jon Stewart. Anyone got his number? Is he already married?  If so, sorry Mrs. Stewart. :)

I'm having a hard time adjusting to the laptop again, since I started my boycott of the robbers aka TimeWarner.  I got used to my Android.  At least I had a choice.  Choice.  Choice is what we need.  But here in the mountains, the Android is shit.  Shit, I tell you.  But.....

 the mountain air is heaven.  If you are a weather lover, this is the place to be.  Raining one minute, sun the next. Beautiful mountain air, sunset and sky.  It is heaven on Earth.  I feel sad when I see liter, so I pick up as much as I can without my back hurting or splitting my pants.  everyone is so patient, they move slow, they approach slow and in a non-threatening manner.  They are very polite. i feel like a queen.  when i was swimming i pretended i was Rihanna.  Man, I wish I had her skin.

It's so pristine and new, it's such a gift to be here.  I sure am tired, though.  This may be my last trip. Starting to miss my quirky little cottage.  I love the people here.  Love them. Love the diversity. There's just so many of them. In a year you won't be able to get near this place. And can you blame them? Gotta go where the opportunity is.  And they can pretend it's not about the weed trade, but it is.....and.......everyone........knows it.

 I feel like Michelle Obama designed the area.  Around all the available development areas - are areas reserved for agriculture.  Not sure what kind, right now it looks like sunflowers.  So pretty for a walk and a stretch at night.   The stars.....the air.  Ahhhh.

sorry I digress.  I swam so much I got burned.  Ooops.  Today I swam with my baseball cap 'cause my forehead is gonna blister.  I love the water.  it's the only time i don't feel awkward. It carries all the weight for me so I don't hurt so much from the weight of these gigantic tits.  I can't take the noon sun. I swear I am a hybrid mermaid/vampire.

another digression?  perhaps....i'm losing my train of thought.....,which is a good thing. my brain is too active at times.  i've got lots of good pics, but those will have to wait until i get home.

Remember, to choose love, my dears.  xo

to be continued......


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