Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'd like to meet...

Did you watch Season 10 of Project Runway?  So glad Project Runway picks up when Design Star is over.  And thank goodness, Project Runway All Stars picks up when Project Runway is over.  I'm addicted.  Just a few words about Project Runway.  I really feel for the designers, I understand their passion for their art and why they cry.  In fact, I often cry when designers are eliminated.  However, it's not necessary to put them under so much time pressure and stress.  Give them more time, it's TV after all, it can be edited.  And stop filming the drama.  I am not at all interested (and I am sure many other viewers feel the same way) in the drama.  I am interested in design.  So producers, allow the designers to shine.

This season I was rooting for Christopher Palu early on.  Christopher makes beautiful clothes, and has a skill with manipulating fabric that is enviable.  Then I started getting confused because I fell in love with Dmitry Sholokhov's perfect tailoring.  I particularly love this dress designed by Dmitry in episode three.

Back to Fabio.  When it came to the final episode, Fabio surprised me, and I started rooting for him.  As you can see, Fabio is just fabulous.  (sorry, had to do it).  He is super cute, and always looks amazing.  Dig that rock necklace.  I may have to steal that idea.  Fabio was a joy to watch.  He was always kind, soft spoken and a real gentleman.  And it was fun to watch his growth during the season.  I have no doubt Fabio will go far.

I don't always understand runway fashion, other than how it differs from pageant fashion.  That said, I always love it nonetheless.  To me it's like painting, and the models are the canvas.  Seldom do I look at something on the runway and think, I'd like to wear that.  However, I could see myself wearing many of Fabio's looks in the final runway.  

In the final challenge, Fabio really found his voice.  It was amazing to watch his evolution.  Of the four designers, Fabio was the only one who went with soft colors.  No longer was I rooting for Christopher or Dmitry (even though I love both of them), I wanted Fabio to win!  His stunning collection is perfect for the modern woman, who wants to feel sexy and a little edgy too.  The gossamer fabrics and the surprising pale colors combined with the clunky shoes were the perfect combination of soft and hard.   

I need those shoes!  I adore how he used different colored laces, and tied the shoes in various ways.

I adore that beautiful blue fabric.  Fabio created his own patterns, intentionally making them look like watercolors.  The effect is soft and ethereal.  
I love how the clothes are layered and flowy.  They are the perfect combination of comfort and luxury.   I would love to see Fabio design the costumes for a film.  Hmm.  Possibly a film about angels.  German style.  Wim Wenders should direct.  Since Fabio is so cute, he should make an appearance in the film.

Fabio made the necklaces and purses too.  I need that necklace.

I'd like to design a room, or paint a canvas inspired by these looks.  Congratulations on a great show Fabio!

All images via Zimbio.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Congratulations Mr. President!

Making history again!

He's the coolest.
Look at his face.  There's love there.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lighten Up!

After all the heaviness of my political posts, I thought I'd lighten up a bit with color!  I'm obsessed by color.  I love experimenting with its many combinations.  Now that I have decorated my place in saturated colors, I'm craving lighter colors!  I think I have DADD (design attention deficit disorder).  When I go to Home Depot, I can't help but collect the paint cards.  One of my favorite color combinations is gray, pale blue and pink.  Any color combination needs generous doses of white, as you know.  Other colors that would fit in well in this scheme are pale yellow, silver and lilac.  Here are some beautiful, light rooms using some or all of these colors.  Hope you enjoy!
Such a fresh room!  I love those display boxes!  House to Home.

I adore the pop of quirkiness provided by the poodle lamp in this otherwise minimal room.  Also House to Home.

I think I've featured this room before.  This is totally how I would decorate a beach cabin.  House Beautiful.

Feminine with an edge.  Love it.  Hilary Robertson via Desire to Inspire.

Talk about edge!  I love this room.  I love the industrial/rustic touch provided by the cable spool.  I always love a little imperfection.  The wrinkled rug provides the perfect foil to the severe shape of the chair.  The Style Files.

Fab use of wallpaper.  House Beautiful.
Gorgeous light fixture is the star in this minimal room.  ABYU Lighting.

Pale lilac walls look sublime in this all white room.  I need that bookcase.  And that lamp!  House to Home.
I am dying to decorate a room all in shades of gray.  Gray is such a soothing and relaxing color.  Dig those windows!  Mikkel Adsbol.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I know every one's already seen this video, but I can't help commenting on it.

I wept when I watched this.  I know we all share her sentiment.  But think for a moment how deeply profound this is.  As a culture we have harmed a little girl with our meanness.  She feels it.  And then we wonder why children bully each other.  They learn it from us.  I've never seen so much name calling of the Commander in Chief.  It's shameful.  I've heard President Obama compared to Hitler (Glenn Beck); called a retard and that the GOP should start attacking his children (Ann Coulter);  that he was shucking and jiving during the debate (Sarah Palin) and many more vicious, disrespectful and uncalled for attacks.  What are we teaching our children?  Meanness.  This is yellow journalism at its worst.  This type of journalism is an insult to the profession, has no dignity and no place in modern society.  There is nothing socially redeemable about it.  Isn't it ironic that people actually get paid to harm the psyche of the nation in a time when so many are unemployed?

We need to start practicing empathy and compassion, there is not a moment to waste.  If interested in a long political diatribe on the need for empathy and compassion, please see my post below.

The Politics of Compassion

Dear readers, I've had so much I wanted to say for so long.  Before I get started, I'd like to offer my love and prayers to the people who have been impacted by hurricane Sandy.  I'd also like to thank President Obama and Governor Christie for doing the right thing.

I barely know where to start, and I am so exhausted I'm not even sure I want to.  I've been rethinking my blog for so long.  I'm sure every blogger goes through this.  They get busy and don't have the time they'd like to devote to it, or they grapple with how much personal information to share.  I do love reading blogs where I feel as if I am getting to know the writer, and I love blogging.  The ability to share and get feedback is a wonderful thing, and I am so grateful to the people who take the time to read my blog.

I have been rethinking my blog since July 20.  That is the day of the shooting in a Colorado movie theater.  I am mystified that people still defend the rights of individuals to own assault weapons.  Every time there is a shooting, it breaks my heart.  

As you know, I've been dealing with a strange illness for the last three years.  My condition is such that at the moment I must remain calm.  The election has been a particularly difficult time for me.  Never have I seen our nation so divided.  Never have I seen Congress act so deplorably and disrespectfully toward the Commander in Chief.  They have blocked many bills that the American people need.  We all know what's going on with Congress, its racism. There I've said it.  The time for racism is over.  They are not hurting Obama, they are hurting the people they are supposed to be representing.  Congress needs to be reminded that they work for us.  It is sickening that they act in accord with their own greedy agendas above the needs of their constituents.

I'm part of the 47% that Governor Romney referred to in his controversial speech.  I live in a very poor neighborhood.  I wish Romney could come spend a day with me and see what I see.  Yes, we need jobs.  But even more importantly, we need education for today's technological jobs.  Even if this neighborhood were infused with jobs, the people are not educated enough to qualify for the jobs.  And they don't have  wealthy parents to borrow the money from for education.

I'm one of the victims of the situation Obamacare seeks to prevent.  I am one of those Americans who got sick and lost everything.  I'm probably not what you think.  If you saw me walking down the street, you'd probably think I was a teacher or a librarian.  I did everything right, I worked hard for many years, often working overtime while putting myself through college.  I paid a helluva lot of taxes.  After many years, I finally got a good job and then I got sick.  My employer did what many employers do at such a time (which is one reason why we don't want to run America like a corporation).  They threw me out like a piece of crap.  Fortunately, Obama had passed the ARRA of 2009.  Thanks to the COBRA subsidies provided by the ARRA, I was able to receive lifesaving surgery.  Looking for help when faced with homelessness was excruciating.  Jumping through the hoops when I was feeling so poorly was almost impossible.  I wondered what people with less tenacity (not that I had much) did.  I was mystified every time I heard the words "safety net."  As someone who needed public assistance, I am here to tell you there is no safety net.  It's a lie.  The system is designed with so many catch 22's it is damn hard to navigate.

I spent many days at the food stamps office.  It was always packed.  My mom asked me if the people in the waiting room looked  like "losers."  When I asked what she meant, she said, "You know, homeless, dirty, crazy-looking people.  You know, like the people we see on the street and ignore."  No, I told her they all looked like me.  Normal, college educated, middle aged women for the most part.  Most single and without family.  Many dealing with illness.

The United States is suffering with a lack of empathy of epidemic proportions.  We need to remember that every one of us will deal with illness or lack at one point or another.  Every one of us will need help at one point or another.  There are times when the strong must carry the weak.  And they must do it with humility and compassion, not resentment and contempt.  They should be cognizant of the fact that it is easier to be in a position of being able to provide help than it is to need help.  And above all, they should be grateful for what they have.  We must eradicate poverty entirely, so that it becomes an impossibility.  And not just in the U.S. but in the entire world.  The poverty of one encroaches upon the comfort of us all.  This is not about class warfare, it's the right thing to do.  The wealthy do not need to be fearful of losing what they have.  But let's face it, a few people could have a little less, so that many people could have a little more.  We need to set aside fear, there is plenty to go around.

Yes, I've been called a naive liberal many times.  But I don't see it that way.  It's simply a matter of doing the right thing.  Making sure that every American has food, shelter, medical care AND education is the right thing.  Setting aside arms is the right thing.  Ending war is the right thing.  Taking care of the environment is the right thing.  Sharing the wealth of the world in a more equitable fashion is the right thing.  If I'm a socialist, then so be it.  But slapping labels on free speech in order to silence it, is cowardly indeed.

What does this have to do with my blog?  Well, I sometimes feel as if I write about frivolous things when the world's people are in need of so much help.  I feel the pull to help change things.  However, I do think focusing on beauty can be an important reminder. For all the horrible things humans do, they also do amazing and wonderful things.  I am always amazed at the artistry of humans.  Writing about art and design can be political.  In fact, all acts are political in one way or another.  Just like all acts are artistic in one way or another.  We are all connected, so politics and art are one.  I believe that's why I love public art so much.  Everyone needs beauty in their life, and there is plenty to go around.  Why don't we just start being more compassionate to each other and make life easier for each other?  It really is just that simple.

There.  It's out of my system.  Maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight.  If you've read this long diatribe, thank you so much for your attention.  If you haven't done so already, please vote for President Obama.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Room for Color

Did you follow this year's Room for Color contest at Apartment Therapy?  I did, and I must admit that my favorite rooms all featured pink in one way or another.  Here's a peak at my favorites. 

I love this bed, bench and bedding.  The color scheme of white, gray, pink and gold is stunning.  I also love the edginess added by the cowboy boots.  I'd like to see a more sophisticated and gentler piece of art behind the bed, though.  It's just my humble opinion, but I think spin art looks a little juvenile.  Rohde's Energetic & Inspiring Room.

As you know, I'm not a fan of animal hide rugs, but I do love the use of color in this room.  I especially adore the large red art on the pink wall.  Monique's Design Detours Room.

This room needs a little work, but is well on its way to being glamorous and sophisticated.  This is one of my current favorite color schemes:  hot pink, gray and silver.  I'd love to see larger artwork behind the sofa, and the styling with the tray is a bit odd, but gorgeous colors nonetheless.  Lisa's Pink Glam Room.

I love this room, although it could use a little editing.  I'm not a big fan of wallpaper.  Even though it's popular right now, I'm not sold.  I know I'd get bored of it quickly.  I do love the pale blue sofa with hot pink pillows, and the hot pink head dress on the wall.  Also love that hanging light.  All in all, a beautifully fresh room.  Dagny's Energetic Mix.   The following room is a bonus.  It was not part of the contest, but is a beautiful use of color.

Love hot pink and blue together.  Love the blue lamps!

Love the blue dresser and the texture added with the Moroccan wedding blanket rug.  I'm keeping this room in my inspiration file in case I ever move into a studio apartment again.  Leila & Buff's Beautiful Beach Abode.


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