Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pottery Jones, Vol. V

I am itching to add this lovely, sophisticated lady to my collection of white vases.  It is the Dame vase by Marlies Neugebauer.  The vase is a beautiful matte finish with glossy pearls.  Alas, it's only available in Europe.  Image via Cloudfactory.  I think this vase would make a great West Elm collaboration (and it would go great with the Shane Powers vases I'm coveting).

Pottery Jones, Vol. IV

These beautiful vases are made by Danish potter extraordinaire Ditte Fischer.  I love the purity of their forms.  I'd love to have the whole collection.  I am especially in love with the gray ones.  I'm itching to decorate a home all in shades of pale gray.  Ahh.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pottery Jones, Vol. III

I believe in good design for the masses.  Designers sometimes tend to look down on items that are mass produced.  But sometimes, mass produced items surprise.   They can be beautiful and affordable.  After all, every one deserves beauty in their home, even on a tight budget.  Here's a good example.  Have you seen the beautiful Shane Powers ceramic bud vases from West Elm?

These two are my favorites.  I love the simplicity of the shapes.  At $16.00, they are very affordable.  I hope I can order before they run out!

Pottery Jones, Vol. II

Not sure how to accessorize your room?  How about a collection of simple white pottery?  Pottery is a wonderfully tactile experience.  These beautiful shapes and forms beg to be touched.  My personal favorite is matte finish, and I love to miss vintage and modern.

Clockwise from upper left:  Vintage McCoy from jacklom3;  German op art vase by Jaeger from GoGoBerlinette;  small bottle carved vase by Sara Paloma;  beautiful pedestal vase designed by Bjorn Wiinblad for Rosenthal from bitofbutter;  footed bowl designed by Karl Scheid from GoGoBerlinette.

I adore simple forms, and am currently obsessing over organic forms.  This beautiful Ikebana vase from Mascara Jones.  I would love to design a simple, Zen room around this vase.

Look at his beauty!  So perfect in its purity.  This vessel is no longer available (I should have bought it!).  This vessel is hollow and finished with a process called Terra Sigillata.  Thank you to Etsy user Morphing Molecules for explaining this interesting process, and congratulations on a very lovely piece.


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