Thursday, September 20, 2007

Astronaut Jesus

I've got a thing for street art and for urban toys. I like the cute ones, though. Nothing bloody or violent for me, please. And I am especially in love with astronauts. Probably because I wish that I had become an astronaut. And anyone who has ever read my blog knows, I am in love with pink. So when I saw Doma's pink Astronaut Jesus, I about flipped. How totally cool.

Doma is a collective of artists from Argentina who started out as street artists. They are incredibly talented, and their site is a delight of energy and whimsy. Astronaut Jesus, according to Doma is "an elite member of astronaut gods that have come to our planet since the beginning of time to shape our civilization..." Groovy.

Pink Astronaut Jesus from My Plastic Heart. I think it is a very fine tribute to Christ to make him an astronaut and to make him pink. I would love to travel with this fine fella.

Astronaut Jesus from Doma.

And just look at this fab poster available from Kid Robot. The big J looks very serene here. I want it! And it matches a color scheme I've been seeing a lot of lately, yellow and red.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Organic Touches in Modern Decor

My current favorite decorating style is midcentury modern. It seems to fit well with my love of minimalism. It's all about balance. Balance between simplicity and beauty. I especially love midcentury with Asian influences added.
Lately, I have been thinking about organic motifs, in general. I love organic pottery, like Stig Lindberg, which I wrote about here. Every home needs one or two organic vases. But, what exactly does organic mean? And how would I incorporate organic items in a modern environment? Here are some examples of how I might add bold, yet simple organic touches.

Very large, graphic pictures of vegetables. Aren't the following pictures found on flickr amazing? I would love to see them enlarged to a HUGE size, in a white dining room with a farm table.

This gorgeous shot is from flickr user, Bluesrose. You simply must see the rest of her flickr set. It is a wonderful dreamy experience. If you are not hooked on flickr yet, I guarantee you will be after looking at her amazing work.

This beautiful shot is from the lovely and talented flickr user, Lucky 13. I love the combination of organic and geometric precision.

Or what about large branches or pieces of driftwood used as art? I love the smooth feel of driftwood. There was a great example of this in the most recent DWR catalog. Also note the artwork on the wall, a beautiful representation of twisted branches. If anyone knows who this artist is, please let me know.

I've been wanting to experiment with making art out of branches. Lucky 13 is multi-talented. In addition to the above shot, she made these lamps from twigs, and used them in her midcentury modern home. Beautiful!

And look at this beautiful wall sculpture she made from twigs! I'm feeling very inspired. SNL - want to craft this weekend?

Aren't these cute? Vases made from birch. At the Small Stump Shop at Etsy. Reasonably priced too.

Or what about these beautiful bowls from Acacia? Maybe it's the anticipation of fall (my favorite time of year) that has me thinking of these organic touches. These bowls definitely make me think of Fall. I'm not much of a pattern person, but these patterns are so delicate.

I absolutely adore these appetizer places from CB2. At $2.95, I'll take one of each please!

Wouldn't this stone salt and pepper also from CB2 look marvelous next to each setting?

If you see a lovely blonde walking by the lake collecting sea glass and driftwood, that will probably be me. I'll be sure to show you whatever I make. I feel inspired.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Michael Aldrich

Okay, I don't have to tell bloggers how great Apartment Therapy is. They know. In fact, this is the usually the beginning point for bloggers. So I won't belabor it.

On their "Good Questions" feature recently, an artist asked the AT readers what he should do with his radiator. I couldn't even see the radiator because I was so fascinated by his art, and I left him a comment. He was kind enough to write me.

His name is Michael Aldrich and here is some of his amazing art. Thanks, Mike!

Love her. Looks like a queen to me. Would be a great design for a playing card.

I've always had a thing for blue ladies. Probably comes from my past life as an alien mermaid.

Reminds me of Klimt's women. Gorgeous.

Mike also has cute robot imagery and great logo design. His work can be seen here. I'd like to see his interpretation of Hindu gods and mermaids. Hey Mike, interested in a trade?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Paintings and My Apartment

New paintings hanging in my apartment. Whenever I paint, I feel encouraged to move things around in my place.

I am bored with my dining room chairs. I can't decide if I should just paint them or buy new. I want two of the Globus chairs in blue from DWR. Today, that is. Too expensive though, at $238 each. I've been keeping my eye on the curb. I know something will come.

New Paintings 9-8-07

Influenced by the City (see post below) and rain. I've also been wanting to experiment more with words. And I am trying to express movement with auras and halos. Funny how I am loving blue.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Morning Creativity Calling

What could be better? Misty Saturday morning. Strong columbian coffee. And the Thievery Corporation. Ahh. My apartment is small and humble. But I love it. I love being here. I am so grateful for this beautiful little place in a time when so many don't have a place to call their own. And I begin to understand, for the first time, what Virginia Woolfe meant. She was so right. I have my independence, and I won't give it up. Ever.

My creativity is gently calling - it's not in a rush. It feels gentle, slow, quiet, peaceful. Like the kind of lover I used to crave. At the end of the void - where time stops - I will have a new decor and several new paintings. I am inspired by the rain, and an odd source - the sloppiness of the City.  Everything looks like art to me.

An archway leading to a parking lot where no one parks.  A seemingly incongruous archway, pointing to my beloved Lake Erie Sky.
A surveyor's mark. Five. My soul number. The hierophant, with a spot of pink for balance.

A bridge. Sloppily splattered with paint by the City - in a futile attempt to thwart the creativity of guerilla artists.  Excuse me, a canvas is calling.  Enjoy your weekend, dear readers.  xxoo

All images by Peggy

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Three P's

I know what you're thinking. The three P's. Hmm. Must be pretty pink pottery. Or maybe even pottery, pillows and paintings - all you need to make a home lovely.

But no, today, the three P's are pretty pear purse.

I cannot believe how insanely in love with this purse (formerly available from Anthropologie) I am. How silly to be in love with a purse. With pears on it.

If anyone has one of these purses they'd like to sell - or a knockoff of this purse - please contact me.

Ruth Hyndman

Minimalist Sculpture.

'O' Bottle

Moon Vase

Spot Vase.

Ruth Hyndman's work makes me want to take a pottery class. But why bother unless I could make pieces like this? I love the simple, white, geometric forms. The top sculpture reminds me of my favorite vase, which I broke and which I wrote about here.

She also creates ceramic wall hangings. I could picture these hanging in all white loft, with a primitive farm table and a Noguchi lamp.

Wall hanging entitled "Audacity" by Ruth Hyndman.

Nancy Bauch - White Forest Pottery

Nancy Bauch's work is nothing short of reverance for the earth and its forms. Her pottery is a study in the worship of organic shapes. She does not impose her vision on these beautiful pots, but allows them to form, fully encompassing, even embracing, the imperfection of nature. I find these astonishingly serene.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Goodss Limited

Goodss Limited is a design firm based in Hong Kong. They specialize in the fusion of modern environments with traditional Feng Shui. They work with the five elements and their goal is to bring balance and harmony to your home. Their work is incredibly beautiful. I am in love with their ethereal wall art entitled, Water and Bamboo.

Melissa Moss

I love Melissa Moss' work so much I had a hard time deciding which paintings to include! I love the organic, graphic simplicity of her work. There is an innocent romance present in her work which speaks to me of utopia. I love them all!

Piacenza - the World's Most Beautiful Bowls






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