Monday, September 17, 2007

Organic Touches in Modern Decor

My current favorite decorating style is midcentury modern. It seems to fit well with my love of minimalism. It's all about balance. Balance between simplicity and beauty. I especially love midcentury with Asian influences added.
Lately, I have been thinking about organic motifs, in general. I love organic pottery, like Stig Lindberg, which I wrote about here. Every home needs one or two organic vases. But, what exactly does organic mean? And how would I incorporate organic items in a modern environment? Here are some examples of how I might add bold, yet simple organic touches.

Very large, graphic pictures of vegetables. Aren't the following pictures found on flickr amazing? I would love to see them enlarged to a HUGE size, in a white dining room with a farm table.

This gorgeous shot is from flickr user, Bluesrose. You simply must see the rest of her flickr set. It is a wonderful dreamy experience. If you are not hooked on flickr yet, I guarantee you will be after looking at her amazing work.

This beautiful shot is from the lovely and talented flickr user, Lucky 13. I love the combination of organic and geometric precision.

Or what about large branches or pieces of driftwood used as art? I love the smooth feel of driftwood. There was a great example of this in the most recent DWR catalog. Also note the artwork on the wall, a beautiful representation of twisted branches. If anyone knows who this artist is, please let me know.

I've been wanting to experiment with making art out of branches. Lucky 13 is multi-talented. In addition to the above shot, she made these lamps from twigs, and used them in her midcentury modern home. Beautiful!

And look at this beautiful wall sculpture she made from twigs! I'm feeling very inspired. SNL - want to craft this weekend?

Aren't these cute? Vases made from birch. At the Small Stump Shop at Etsy. Reasonably priced too.

Or what about these beautiful bowls from Acacia? Maybe it's the anticipation of fall (my favorite time of year) that has me thinking of these organic touches. These bowls definitely make me think of Fall. I'm not much of a pattern person, but these patterns are so delicate.

I absolutely adore these appetizer places from CB2. At $2.95, I'll take one of each please!

Wouldn't this stone salt and pepper also from CB2 look marvelous next to each setting?

If you see a lovely blonde walking by the lake collecting sea glass and driftwood, that will probably be me. I'll be sure to show you whatever I make. I feel inspired.

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Vineeta said...

Oh, I see I've missed much! What a lovely collection- When i just scrolled down I didint see the connect til I read it. I especially love the stump vases & Im about to check the flickr links- & I'd love to see what you create :)


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