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Monday, May 5, 2014

Color Story: Shades of Blue and Green

I've been falling in love with blue. But no ordinary blue, shades of blue. Turquoise and periwinkle. I've also been falling in love with green. But no ordinary green. Emerald, aqua and chartreuse. Here is some inspiration for your Monday morning. If you are feeling stressed, just think about beautiful shades of blue and green.


Love this sitting area. Chairs look beautiful with the wall color. Love the lamp too! Turquoise and aqua are colors that work very well in mid century modern decor.  Image via Home Interiors Zone.

A sideboard gets a new life painted emerald green. Also love the cohesive display of green pottery. An object displayed in repetition like this gains prominence, and also maintains a simple look. Image via ciao! newport beach. For more ideas on creative display, see my pinterest board here.

How fabulous is this turquoise kitchen?  This may be my dream kitchen. Love the pop of chartreuse. Image BarlisWedlick Architects via Desire to Inspire.

I showed this picture before in a previous post about blue lamps.  Love the lamp and sofa. I want a turquoise sofa!

I need this over sized turquoise Buddha head for my balcony. Image Jessie Miller via HGTV.

Call it mint green or aqua, but this color makes a very tranquil room. I love that the trimmings are also painted the same color, and the fireplace bricks are painted white. Image via covet garden.

No one mixes color and pattern better than Tricia Guild. Touches of orange look great with blue. Wouldn't this furniture look fab in the room above?

How fab is this bohemian abode?  I dig the wood floor painted turquoise. When I build a tiny home, painted wood floors are on the agenda! Image via Moon to Moon (if you love Bohemian style, you will love this blog)..

Modern takes on mid century modern are my favorite. Periwinkle sofa and green chair look fab together and are unified by similar patterns.  Also dig that rug. Scandinavia collection at Heal's.

Periwinkle has long been one of my favorite colors. I love this chair paired with the large orange painting. BTW - that painting is done on a mirror. How cool is that? Image via The Apartment.  If you are a color lover like I am, you never get enough of periwinkle either. Check out this amazing pinterest board curated by Carole Kancar.  It's devoted to periwinkle and is a slice of heaven.

Royal blue chairs are a bit traditional for my taste, but that painting and chandelier help the room look modern. You know what I always say about art - go big! This gorgeous painting proves, once again, that blue and orange look great together. Image via Ashley Darryl.

One of my favorite rooms of all times. This is what I call perfectly layered. Love the blue sofa, with orange pillow. Love the pottery on the coffee table. Love the lamps and paintings. Love the mix of old and new, love the rugs and the gray wall. This is the home of none other than Patrizia Moroso, Creative Director of Moroso. The home is designed by one of my favorite designers - Patricia Urquiola.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Update: HGTV Design Star, Season 7

Design Star is my favorite show.  I am amazed at what the designers come up with given the constraints they have on materials and time.  The show is on Tuesday at 9:00.  I don't have a TV, so it takes supreme control not to get on any of the Twitter feeds.  I don't want any spoilers.  Fortunately, HGTV is great about uploading the program to their website so I can watch it first thing Wednesday morning.  Tonight is the kitchen challenge, my least favorite challenge.  Everyone knows the kitchen is the hardest room to design and it seems impossible given their time constraints.

Last week was episode 5, and it was my favorite episode this season.  I love the individual challenges more than the team challenges.  They don't have to compromise their styles and there is no bickering.  It's really the ladies who are dominating this season.  My first prediction was that the final three would be Danielle, Britany and Rachel.   Unfortunately, Rachel has really fallen apart in the last couple of episodes, I fear the stress is too much for her.  I think Rachel may get eliminated tonight if her performance is again lackluster.  Hilari has really stepped it up and her quirky personality is growing on me.  I am still routing for Danielle to win, but I believe the final three will be Danielle, Britany and Hilari.

If you haven't seen episode 5, you must.  The challenge was to create Hollywood lounges based on different time periods.  The designers really stepped it up.  Danielle created a Parisian Art Deco lounge.  Not an easy style.  Not one of my favorite styles, but it was incredible nonetheless (although I'm not sure I get the panther, which the judges gushed about.  I know I would stub my toe on that.)  She took the win, and I was really happy for her.  Britany designed a gorgeous Hollywood Regency lounge.  Love, love, love the bookcase.  Again, not my style, but it was gorgeous.  Britany is the only designer who has not made a single misstep this season, except in her camera challenges.  I was disappointed what a bad sport she was when she didn't win.  But her camera challenge was really bad.  She frowns and stutters, she seems really shy and I'm not sure why.  Not only is she incredibly talented, she's beautiful.

Hilari got on my nerves at first, but she's growing on me.  She is really blossoming.  I adored the 80s inspired lounge she designed.  It doesn't scream 80s to me, maybe that's because I was stuck in my dusty rose shabby chic style at that time.  But I adore the room and could live in it!  You've already seen the PVC pipe dividers, in the post below.

Beautiful!  Love the sofas, the Mondrian-inspired floor, the hanging lights, the mirrored table.  Mikel has been in the middle throughout the competition.  I feel like there is a lot more to him, and that he's been kind of playing it safe.  He designed a Mid Century inspired lounge, and the judges found it a little sparse and incomplete.  Actually, I adore it.  It fits my aesthetic very well.

I adore the Rothko-inspired painting.  Looking at this picture makes me want to do a room with a red rug, red pillows and all white furniture.  I adore the large amount of white with the pops of color, and the minimalism of this room.  It's so easy to critique from my armchair, I realize how difficult it is for these designers.  That said, here I go:  I wish he had placed that bench under the painting and used a Noguchi table for his coffee table, to add an organic pop.  Of course, the room is lacking in vases.  Mid century style has a multitude of fab vases to choose from.  He could have put some lovely German op art or some Holmegaard vases on the Noguchi.  Also, I wish there were a few more of the Saarinen end tables.  After all, it is a lounge, and there is no where for people to set drinks.  Still, I am digging this color scheme and the pops of silver from the sculpture and the chairs in the corners.  Mikel is a prop stylist, so I am a little shocked he hasn't stepped up his game a bit.  I hope he surprises me.

I had to show you this set he designed from his portfolio.  Man, I could live there!  Love the white, the pops of hot pink and the ottoman covered in black fabric.  Love silver poofs.  Can't wait to watch Episode 6 in the morning!  Thank you to all these brave designers who put themselves out there!  I totally understand your passion.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Got legs?

Did you follow this year's Small Cool contest at Apartment Therapy?  It was a lot of fun, and there were many good entries.  Hard to believe this is already their 8th annual!  If you didn't follow, don't despair, they have all the entries on their site and there's always next year.  Next up is their color contest, which I think happens in the fall.  

My favorite entry did not win, although I am happy for the winner.  The winner has a blog that I enjoy reading and he is an amazing DIYer.  His blog is entitled Manhattan Nest.  I'm not sure why that's not on my link list.  An unintentional omission I intend to correct.  But I digress.  This is not a post about Daniel, but rather about Matt.  Matt's apartment was by far my favorite.

I love Matt's apartment.  He designed the space to fit his needs, moving his sleeping area into his living room and making the bedroom into an office.  Having lived in a studio for many years, I totally get it.  You get used to the open space.  I may do this very same thing in my new apartment.  I need a work area for my art projects and I'd love to sleep by the sliding glass doors in the living area.

Matt has a great art collection.  But one of my favorite things about Matt's apartment are its legs!  Notice how all the furniture has legs and is elevated from the floor.  I love the look of furniture with legs.  It makes all the furniture appear to float and gives the place a nice airy feel.  Adding to the airy feel is the lack of window treatments.  The place is a bit masculine, but I could live here.  There's only one thing I'd like to change - you guessed it - I'd like to paint all the floors white!  Ahh, then it really would look like living on a cloud.

Monday, January 2, 2012

House Tour - Mazi's Converted Loft

Happy New Year dear readers!  Welcome to my first post of 2012!  We are starting off the year with a bang, I have a real treat for you!  A very exciting house tour - more proof that good things are happening in Cleveland.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of the most fascinating and intellectual curators I've ever met.  His name is Mazi, and he has exceptional taste in vintage vinyl, mid-century modern furniture, local and ethnic art.  He's extremely knowledgeable and generously shared his knowledge and his home with me.  If you are a lover of mid-century modern, you will love this home, as I do.  His home boasts many iconic pieces.  As you know, MCM's clean lines lend itself very well to layering other styles.  Mazi has recently fallen in love with industrial chic and has skillfully added this flavor to his mix.  Added to this are artworks by local artists and a dash of ethnic vibe.  What comes across is a beautifully rich home, full of intellect and tempered masculinity.  I hope you enjoy this fabulous tour as much as I did.  

Mazi and his wife live in Ohio City in a loft which has been converted from a pharmacy.  It is a sensitive conversion, maintaining much of the old character and charm.  The loft has large windows, and a beautiful open layout.

Our tour started in the garage, where Mazi conducts much of his business.  I could barely contain my excitement when I saw this George Nelson swag leg chair, designed in 1958.  Man I want this chair!  If you love chairs  - and I know you do - read on, this tour has plenty of chair porn.  Mazi is a purist, and he knows his stuff.  There are no knockoffs in Mazi's home, all of his pieces are original.

Here are a few views of his front window with built-in.  This lovely area houses part of Mazi's  extensive record collection, a fab welded lamp by brutalist sculptor Harry Balmer, woven side chair by Jens Risom for Knoll, Saarinen side table and bullet planter.  The blue beach ball painting is by Cleveland artist Paul Shuster.  

Here is a stunning piece of history.  One of the first molded plastic rockers designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948.

This was one of the first mass produced chairs.  Its clean modern lines and sleek non-upholstered finish reflect the post-war optimism which was evident in design of the time.  The chair has its original shock mounts, and was produced before stamping furniture began, so it is hand signed.

Cute blonde wood side table is repurposed as a TV stand.  Painting is marked Barrett.  Please contact me if you have further information regarding this artist.  Every where you look,  there are interesting things to see.
Infinitely fascinating collection includes the following: The album "Beat Bop."  Beat Bop is a collaboration of rappers Rammelizee and K-Rob, and is the only album produced by independent label Tartown.  The cover is designed by Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Jean Dubuffet "Musical Experiences."   An original photograph of the revolutionary Che Guevara.  Mazi also has an extensive collection of Blue Note albums, which are some of the most collectible records in the world.

Textured modern painting by Dianna Sitar.  Quirky face painting by Dexter Davis.

Here are a few views of the living room and the open kitchen.  I love the open floor plan.  I am impressed by how sensitively the landlord chose finishes when the kitchen was renovated.

The raw wood floors look fab with the iconic pieces.  Deco sofa is by K.E.M. Weber, bench is by George Nelson.   Wonderful minimal, organic painting over sofa is by Cleveland artist Robert Hanson.

Dining area boasts my favorite table of all time - the Saarinen dining table.  Completing the look are Bertoia side chairs and molded plastic chairs by Eames.  I love the use of dressers in rooms other than the bedroom. Besides looking stylish, they are completely functional and provide storage.  Even better if it's a beauty like this Heywood Wakefield dresser.  A George Nelson bubble lamp hangs over the kitchen.  The Heywood Wakefield dresser and the Nelson bubble lamp are a couple more of my favorite designs of all time.

A couple of rare tall Bertoias sit beside the kitchen counter.

Near the kitchen, is a collection of West German and Italian Raymor pottery and a Franz Kline print.

Any information on the above rolling cart and the graphic black and white painting wold be appreciated. Completing this lovely vignette is an African soap stone sculpture by Y. Close (circa 1963).

An important part of the ethnic layer in this home are gorgeous photographs of the Maasai people by visionary and compassionate thinker/world traveler and photographer extraordinaire Halim Ina.  This piece resides in a place of prominence in the kitchen.  
Bedroom features fab purple door, Heywood Wakefield dresser, vintage African drawing entitled "River Girl," Eames molded plywood lounge chair and an oil painting circa 1947.  This gorgeous Latina painting looks as if it is signed by A.E. Brutsche.  If you have any information on this artist, please contact me.

Talk about chair porn.  The obvious star of the bedroom is this sexy Cherner bent wood chair.  I almost had a heart attack when I saw it.  I've only seen it in pictures, never live before.  Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out a way to get this baby in my purse.  

The tour now takes us to the basement, and the sexiest man cave you've ever seen.  This is where the industrial chic vibe is most prominent. At the foot of the stairs you are greeted by this icon of slick masculinity, the Emeco navy chair, and a brick vase.

The entry to the space features a poster from the Picasso exhibit at the Frankfurter Kunstverein.  This very special poster set the tone for the lovely space designed by Mazi.

The Bertoia seating area continues the line motif.  The area is set off by this stunning lamp by local artisan, Kevin Busta.
Mazi pays attention to details, using the coolest light bulb I've ever seen.  The bulb reminds me of a vintage door knob.  I was surprised to learn it was from Home Depot.  I love when the mundane is elevated to the level of art.

Each piece adheres to a strict geometry.  This fab round chair is also designed by Busta.  Makes a great partner with the stunning painting by Johanne Lemay.  I love the raw, Earthy floors and walls.  The patina of the sculpture by Benny Collins fits beautifully here.

Another lamp by Busta, mushroom-inspired sculpture by Collins and some of Mazi's Russel Wright dinnerware collection.

Cute kitty in the Bertoia.

This industrial beauty has just the right amount of character.  Another fab piece by Kevin Busta makes sense of the exposed duct work.  In the corner is another Halim Ina photograph.

Another Lemay painting is propped in the desk area.

Another Busta lamp, and Collins sculpture sit on the Heywood Wakefield desk.  Adding a layer of ethnicity to this vignette are Senegalese masks from one of Mazi's trips to Africa.

Propped art includes this Rauschenberg print and a page from an article about Jean-Michele Basquiet in Interview Magazine, 1985.

Manly, yes.  But I could live here.

We concluded the tour where we started, at the garage.  Mazi told me about a Basquiat-inspired painting he had done while in college and I begged him to show it to me.  It is awesome, I'd love to put it in a large all white loft.  He also showed me this incredible screen print entitled "Woman in the Mirror," by local artist Mark Howard.

Thank you, Mazi for sharing your fabulous home and collections with us!  Dear readers, stay tuned in 2012 where exciting things will be happening all year!  And as always, thanks for reading.  xxoo

All photos by Peggy


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