Thursday, August 27, 2009

Attasit Pokpong

Dear readers, it's funny how the blogosphere works. It's constantly folding in on itself. I finally understand what they taught me 10 years ago in COM 101 about meta-communication and meta-meta-communication. Make fun of communication degrees all you want, but when I look back on what I learned at CSU it was nothing short of prophetic. Here is an example of meta-meta-communication. Hope you find the phenomenon as fascinating as I do.

How does one discover a painter of astounding skill and depth? They visit a blog like my favorite, Desire to Inspire.

They see a living room they like. Look at these colors. Gorgeous! And just look at that painting! My chin dropped when I saw it. So, I clicked the link, to a site called Rice. Wonderful site. If you haven't seen it yet, you simply must! I learned that this is the living room of Charlotte, Rice's founder. And that stunning painting is by the artist Attasit Pokpong. Click-click-click and you've discovered a new artist.

I simply adore his work. I gotta thing for blue hair, but it especially looks great on this gal with her beautiful red lips. And look at that face, she knows the truth. You can't put anything past her.

I seem to be attracted to ghostly, melancholy images. These women look like old souls to me. Wise before their time, incredibly sexy and intriguing.

Today's most intriguing artists embrace the light and the dark. I adore the simplicity and the complexity of these works.

And there it is. You've experienced the work of an artist from Thailand. Someone you may never have come to know had it not been for the internet. What a miracle. Ain't life grand?

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Paintings

Dear readers, when it comes to paintings, I seem to have multiple personalities. When I paint, it's like being in a trance. I dance with the canvas, paint and brush. Time stands still. And this is when I am happiest. (See post below describing my creative process this Saturday.)

I always have at least two canvases going. On one I do a minimal painting, the other is maximal and I layer on the paint. The ones with multi-layers are more fun and carefree. On these canvases the predominant motifs are swirls and movement. The minimal paintings are more taxing. Spontaneity is replaced with - sometimes excruciating - perfectionism. My recovery is at about 90%, so my hands are getting steadier all the time.

If successful, the minimal paintings appear simple, but they are not easy. One brush stroke out of place, can ruin it. Dee Adams is a master at this style of painting, and she is very influential in my work.

It is the latter of the two styles that I find more aesthetically pleasing when it comes to decorating my apartment. Dear readers, I humbly offer my work from this weekend.

Untitled, 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas. This is the first time I have done a painting a second time. See first attempt at these shapes here.

"Slug", 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas. I am, surprisingly, happy with this painting. I like the organic feel juxtaposed with the more graphic elements. It's rare for me to do two works I am happy with. Usually, I only like maybe three out of ten of my paintings. And this weekend I did two I am pleased with! What a lucky day! I've been working hard to master rain, and this is one of the times I got close. If you'd like to see another of my paintings where I am pleased with rainy effect, please click here.

These paintings are lovingly dedicated to Erykah Badu (see below), whose soulfull sounds felt like God speaking to me, and made it possible for these works. Love you, Erykah. You go girl!


*Separator image by cmctammyg

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Dear readers, I've been obsessed about buying new bedding lately. When you live in a studio apartment and the bed is out in the open - beautiful bedding is a must. I love this bedding from Urban Outfitters. Glass works by Holmegaard via Art Pottery for Sale and Blu Dot dresser from Urban Outfitters.

My birthday's coming up, so my mom said I could pick out some bedding from the Brylane catalog! Hooray! These are the two contenders. Do I go with the one above or below? Sometimes I dream of glamming my sleeping area up. Shown here with funky chandelier from Etsy seller ShabulousCreations. And cute ceramic lidded vase by Etsy seller Karin Lorenc - for the dresser - a great place to keep my earrings.

But - this set might be the winner. I'm think I'm adding more pink this fall - you can never have too much pink. Even thinking of painting my walls pink over Labor Day weekend. Of course, I wouldn't get the curtains, I don't like to be too-matchy, matchy and this set is bordering on that already. I already have nice plain pink curtains.
Ah, decisions, decisions. What's a girl to do? At least I'll be warm this winter. Stay tuned.


Dear readers, yesterday was a fine day. I live for Saturday. Precious Saturday, my favorite day of the week. I started my day with this very fine coffee. Colombian coffee is my favorite, and this has a very similar taste. Not sure where it comes from, I got it in the hood for $1.99. Good deal. Good coffee.

Ahh, time to paint. I started moving around some of my things to get in the mood. This is part of my costume jewelry collection. I love the colors.

I really love turquoise and pink.

A shelf in my kitchen. The Hello Kitty Pez containers are new. They were $.99 at the craft store. I know Pink would love them.

Hmm. Now music. I put a bunch of Erykah Badu in my YouTube playlist. She is the coolest - I adore her! I love the song and the video for Bag Lady. Look at those colors!

Of course, whatever I paint involves lots of pink.

My apartment is small and humble, but I love it. Here is the view from my window. What a luxury to see trees outside my window. It's the first time I've lived in a place where I didn't look out at another building. It was a beautiful rainy day, so I went for a walk. I love rain.

When I got home, I sensed a beautiful, unmistakable smell. Night blooming jasmine. Ahh. I wanted to put this plant in a pot in my apartment. But how unfair to take her prisoner like that. She belongs where she has chosen to grow.

Yep, it was a good day. Hope you had a good day too.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Square Peg, your curator

Dear readers, I am a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I admit it, I'm a sensitive soul, but I'm no longer ashamed of that fact. The stress of corporate America is overwhelming me. I find solace in paint and canvas. Unfortunately, I only have time to paint on the weekends. Sometimes the longing for a brush, paint and canvas are too much to bear. During those times, I obsess about color and the work of artists I enjoy.
Thank you for visiting my online gallery, today I have curated a special show for you. Each of these artists' work is aesthetically pleasing. I would be proud to display any of these works in my home. Hope you enjoy!

Have you ever wondered who creates the the soft, ephemeral paintings in Frank Roop's lovely rooms? Wonder no longer. It's Bernd Haussan.

Beautiful organic work by Christina Narwicz.

Beautiful combination of bold color, white and simple shapes. Love it. I found this image on Apartment Therapy. Please contact me if you know the artist.

Sensual painting perfect for a bedroom. Looks great with the dark wall. Reminds me of an vintage Hindu print (see copy of print here). Bo Bedre via Desire to Inspire. Again, if you know the artist, please contact me.

Paintings by Justin Tolentino. These works are a fascinating study in dichotomy. Simple, yet complex. Strong, yet soft. Bold strokes juxtaposed with the soft hues. Intensely sensual, these brave works embrace elements of femininity and masculinity. Okay, enough of the pretentious, pithy words, I simply dig 'em. Great work, and affordable too. Snatch these up, I am sure this artist will soon be featured in shelter mags. Is it Friday yet?

Frank Roop

Dear readers, before I wrap up my discussion of green, it's only fair to spotlight one of my favorite designers - Frank Roop. No one does green better. Take a look.

See what I mean? For previous post on Frank Roop, click here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green, Vol. III

Dear readers, the green obsession is still going strong. Luckily, I had my camera at lunchtime yesterday. I saw green everywhere! I predict it's going to be a big color for Fall. I saw lots of women in pretty green dresses, but I didn't work up the courage to ask them to pose. Oh well, next time. Here are more green images. Hope you enjoy!

This sofa was at a consignment shop. Only $250.00!  Here are some images from my home.
I often use pretty scarves to tie the curtains back.
Seems like a good time to show off the new pillow my mom made from a placemat from Pier 1. Love the colors and the green stripes.

New green items to play with. My mom gave me the green chenille pillow. The green bottle, jewel box and candle holder came from a thrift shop and were all made in India. It will be great fun placing these new objects in my home.

Green, Vol. II

Dear Readers, since I am currently obsessing about green and am in love with ethnic style, I was terribly excited to read about President Obama's mother's Batik collection. Apparently, President Obama is accustomed to being surrounded by women with great style. The President's mother, the late Ann Dunham, collected Batik when they lived in Indonesia in the 1960s. Her collection is currently on display at the Textile Museum. See Washington Post article, here. Image PointClickHome.

I am particularly in love with this one. I would love to see it hanging on a wall. I wish I could have seen Dr. Dunham's home in Indonesia. Ethnic and Bohemian decor are all the rage today, Dr. Dunham was clearly ahead of her time. I wish I could have met her. I have visions of her being a quiet intellectual, wearing a peace sign necklace, with her two multi-cultural children on her hip.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Green....or never say never!

Dear readers, as you already know - I obsess about color all week long. It helps with the agony of a soulless job. Lately I have been obsessing about green. There are many colors I thought I didn't like, and through my experimentation with paint have learned to love. For example, orange, yellow and gray are colors at one time I didn't like, and now I love. At one time I thought I'd never use green in my home. I have learned never to say never when it comes to color. I have recently fallen in love with green. Here's some green inspiration for you. Hope you enjoy!
I adore the yellow coffee table with the green chairs!

Love the placement of the green vase in this shot. The vase is like a leaf against the tree print, and with the flowers of the Marimekko sofa.

Above images via Sofa Blog.

Any color looks great with large amounts of white. Zara Home via Sofa Blog.

I love the Togo sofa in green. Image PointClickHome.
I love green with pink. Domino.
Nicole and her husband made that fabulous wall hanging for their porch. Image via Making it Lovely.Urban Outfitters.

Green looks great with blue. Flickr user Majlee.

Green lamps at Lamps Plus.

Look at this beautiful shot! It would look great enlarged. Flickr user pauly.

Cute vignette and stunning paintings by Kim and Jo, respectively, of Desire to Inspire. Kim and Jo can always be relied upon to provide inspiration.

Mint green dish from Etsy user MyOtherLittleShop.

Items I saw at the vintage store. According to Kim, the green vase is a Bitossi. It's tempting me greatly. Small, but expensive Fenton ashtray, would look cute with a tealight in it. And cute green stools. For previous post on green, click here.


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