Thursday, August 27, 2009

Attasit Pokpong

Dear readers, it's funny how the blogosphere works. It's constantly folding in on itself. I finally understand what they taught me 10 years ago in COM 101 about meta-communication and meta-meta-communication. Make fun of communication degrees all you want, but when I look back on what I learned at CSU it was nothing short of prophetic. Here is an example of meta-meta-communication. Hope you find the phenomenon as fascinating as I do.

How does one discover a painter of astounding skill and depth? They visit a blog like my favorite, Desire to Inspire.

They see a living room they like. Look at these colors. Gorgeous! And just look at that painting! My chin dropped when I saw it. So, I clicked the link, to a site called Rice. Wonderful site. If you haven't seen it yet, you simply must! I learned that this is the living room of Charlotte, Rice's founder. And that stunning painting is by the artist Attasit Pokpong. Click-click-click and you've discovered a new artist.

I simply adore his work. I gotta thing for blue hair, but it especially looks great on this gal with her beautiful red lips. And look at that face, she knows the truth. You can't put anything past her.

I seem to be attracted to ghostly, melancholy images. These women look like old souls to me. Wise before their time, incredibly sexy and intriguing.

Today's most intriguing artists embrace the light and the dark. I adore the simplicity and the complexity of these works.

And there it is. You've experienced the work of an artist from Thailand. Someone you may never have come to know had it not been for the internet. What a miracle. Ain't life grand?


Carly said...

Hi Peggy :)

I'm Carly. I found your blog today, while looking for information on Starbucks furniture and graphic arts. You have an awesome blog here. I am an undiscovered (sort of) photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area, and just thought I would take a moment to say hello. Hello. :) Have a wonderful weekend, and if so inclined, feel free to come by my blog Ellipsis and say hello back.

:) Take good care.


Anonymous said...

Khun Attasit is from Thailand, not Taiwan as you've written. Two different countries, silly rabbit.

Peggy said...

Dear Anon - I apologize for my inadvertence. I have made the correction. Thanks for reading!

Unknown said...

These are all the artist's daughters.


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