Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green, Vol. II

Dear Readers, since I am currently obsessing about green and am in love with ethnic style, I was terribly excited to read about President Obama's mother's Batik collection. Apparently, President Obama is accustomed to being surrounded by women with great style. The President's mother, the late Ann Dunham, collected Batik when they lived in Indonesia in the 1960s. Her collection is currently on display at the Textile Museum. See Washington Post article, here. Image PointClickHome.

I am particularly in love with this one. I would love to see it hanging on a wall. I wish I could have seen Dr. Dunham's home in Indonesia. Ethnic and Bohemian decor are all the rage today, Dr. Dunham was clearly ahead of her time. I wish I could have met her. I have visions of her being a quiet intellectual, wearing a peace sign necklace, with her two multi-cultural children on her hip.

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