Monday, August 24, 2009

New Paintings

Dear readers, when it comes to paintings, I seem to have multiple personalities. When I paint, it's like being in a trance. I dance with the canvas, paint and brush. Time stands still. And this is when I am happiest. (See post below describing my creative process this Saturday.)

I always have at least two canvases going. On one I do a minimal painting, the other is maximal and I layer on the paint. The ones with multi-layers are more fun and carefree. On these canvases the predominant motifs are swirls and movement. The minimal paintings are more taxing. Spontaneity is replaced with - sometimes excruciating - perfectionism. My recovery is at about 90%, so my hands are getting steadier all the time.

If successful, the minimal paintings appear simple, but they are not easy. One brush stroke out of place, can ruin it. Dee Adams is a master at this style of painting, and she is very influential in my work.

It is the latter of the two styles that I find more aesthetically pleasing when it comes to decorating my apartment. Dear readers, I humbly offer my work from this weekend.

Untitled, 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas. This is the first time I have done a painting a second time. See first attempt at these shapes here.

"Slug", 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas. I am, surprisingly, happy with this painting. I like the organic feel juxtaposed with the more graphic elements. It's rare for me to do two works I am happy with. Usually, I only like maybe three out of ten of my paintings. And this weekend I did two I am pleased with! What a lucky day! I've been working hard to master rain, and this is one of the times I got close. If you'd like to see another of my paintings where I am pleased with rainy effect, please click here.

These paintings are lovingly dedicated to Erykah Badu (see below), whose soulfull sounds felt like God speaking to me, and made it possible for these works. Love you, Erykah. You go girl!


*Separator image by cmctammyg

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Michelle Star said...

I LOVE your rain! And the direction your art has taken. I love the photo of the colors with the glasses too. I'm glad you're happy with these--you SHOULD be!! Keep up the great work!


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