Friday, August 7, 2009

Still obsessing about pink and blue...TGIF!

Pink and blue haunt me. They occupy my thoughts when I am supposed to be concentrating at my day job. They make the anticipation of putting a brush to canvas almost unbearable.

Image flickr user La caitlin.

I adore hot pink with electric blue. Hot pink looks great with ice blue. And it looks great with turquoise. One thing for sure, the paintings I work on this weekend will be predominately hot pink.

There it is again! The coffee table I wrote about below. I want it. And that oversized blue lamp is too fab! Abigail Ahern via designspongeshop.

Look at these wonderful vases from Etsy user pcbartandgifts.

I have a thing for blue bottles. Especially genie bottles. Image Etsy user SeasideVintage.

And blue lamps. Etsy user fabulousmess. I think these would look great with tall white shades, like Ikea's Skimra. I've said it a million times. Why doesn't Ikea do an online business?

Cute candy dish, and darling presentation from Etsy user vonlipi.

I'd love to have this sensuous piece by Rubens gracing my walls.

And this hanging lamp is to die for! Image Family Living via Desire to Inspire.
I dream of having an all white pre-fab ranch. White floors, white walls. Large windows. This ranch should be completely devoid of architectural embellishments. No trim, not even baseboards. So the walls and floors will be without division, and seem eternal. The home will get its character from the decor, which will be retro-modern-Bohemian-Asian-Moroccan. And oh yeah, with a touch of Scandinavian. It will be like floating on a cloud. Ahh. Is it 5:30 yet?

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