Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Color Scheme: Hot Pink and Ice Blue

Last week I watched the movie Down with Love for about the 10th time. I watch it mainly for the wonderful costumes and set design.  I absolutely adore Barbara Novak's apartment, and it has me wanting to redo my apartment in a more retro-Barbie fashion.

Oh if only I could afford that pink sofa! And I adore those paintings. Her apartment has me thinking about one of my favorite color schemes once again. Hot pink and ice blue. It looks great with pops of green and tons of white. Here's some inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

Designers Guild.

Maybe I'll repaint my apartment. Love the pink walls and blue trim. Image from flickr user hippyxic.

I want that hot pink coffee table! Looks so sweet with the little blue vase. Image Living Etc.

Image Lucyina Moodie.

Barbara has a great collection of glass and ceramics. I'm thinking of mixing in some glass pieces with my ceramic collection. I adore these bristol blue pieces by Morgantown. Image Heart of America Glass Collectors.  I am itching to play with canvas. Is it Friday yet?

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Jessie said...

Well, you know I love this color combo. hahaha ;)


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