Thursday, August 20, 2009

Square Peg, your curator

Dear readers, I am a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I admit it, I'm a sensitive soul, but I'm no longer ashamed of that fact. The stress of corporate America is overwhelming me. I find solace in paint and canvas. Unfortunately, I only have time to paint on the weekends. Sometimes the longing for a brush, paint and canvas are too much to bear. During those times, I obsess about color and the work of artists I enjoy.
Thank you for visiting my online gallery, today I have curated a special show for you. Each of these artists' work is aesthetically pleasing. I would be proud to display any of these works in my home. Hope you enjoy!

Have you ever wondered who creates the the soft, ephemeral paintings in Frank Roop's lovely rooms? Wonder no longer. It's Bernd Haussan.

Beautiful organic work by Christina Narwicz.

Beautiful combination of bold color, white and simple shapes. Love it. I found this image on Apartment Therapy. Please contact me if you know the artist.

Sensual painting perfect for a bedroom. Looks great with the dark wall. Reminds me of an vintage Hindu print (see copy of print here). Bo Bedre via Desire to Inspire. Again, if you know the artist, please contact me.

Paintings by Justin Tolentino. These works are a fascinating study in dichotomy. Simple, yet complex. Strong, yet soft. Bold strokes juxtaposed with the soft hues. Intensely sensual, these brave works embrace elements of femininity and masculinity. Okay, enough of the pretentious, pithy words, I simply dig 'em. Great work, and affordable too. Snatch these up, I am sure this artist will soon be featured in shelter mags. Is it Friday yet?

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