Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tooting My Own Horn

Hello dear readers! I always have a little trouble tooting my own horn, but here goes. I am honored and humbled that some of my urban photography now resides in the fabulous home of the equally fabulous Kim of Desire to Inspire!  I mean how awesome is it that a slice of Cleveland now resides in Ottawa! Cleveland is now an international city, lol!

Artists out there (of course every one's an artist, right?) know how it is. Your works are your babies. Sometimes I have trouble parting with my work. I want it to be loved as much as I love it. So when I give away my work, I have to be prepared. It's truly an exercise in letting go.  More often than not, it kinda goes into the abyss, never to be seen again. Most of the pieces that I've given to family and friends has been thrown into basements, attics, etc. So this is a treat many artists don't often get - the chance to see our art prominently displayed in some one's home. This isn't why I make art, I make it because I have to. It's in my soul, I have no choice. I must create. But...I take immense pleasure in being able to show people my unique vision. And technology has allowed each of us to express our unique voice.  Ain't technology grand?

These pieces are part of my post-industrial Cleveland and my Pink City series and were featured in the May - August 2011 Room with a View Show at the Summit County Executive's Office. I love this low tech presentation of my work - indeed my work is intentionally low tech and gritty.  And how appropriate it is that the duct tape is pink!

Thank you, Kim for displaying my art in your home and always being a source of inspiration and moral support!  To see more of my urban photography, see my urban photojournal.

Now for the shameless plug:  All photos are available as prints.  Please contact me if you'd like to buy a print.  A perfect way to put unique art, and a little flavor of Cleveland, in your home on the cheap. What could be better?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Places to See in Akron: Hazel Tree Interiors

Hazel Tree Interiors is a place downtown, Akron that I have driven by many times but never had the courage to go in. You know the kind, a high end gallery where nothing is in your budget. But hey, I love art and I'm curious. Every time I drive by, the cute building catches my eye - so I'm proud to say that I finally ventured in last week. The place itself is absolutely gorgeous, with white brick and a loft. It would make a great house!  Here's a few things of interest that I saw:

I just can't get enough found and upcycled art.  This fab piece, entitled the Red Castle, is by Michael Marras.  Michael's process is so fascinating, I plan to do a post about his work in the near future.

Oh yeah, never enough lamps. This one is made from pipe and an antique beer bottle, by Peared Creation.

Beautiful lighting display using vintage insulators.

Gorgeous industrial chic dining set. I could see this in an industrial loft. The moral of the story? Never be afraid to go into a shop. I was treated well and enjoyed my visit.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Places to See in Akron: The Land of Plenty

I discovered a new place last week called The Land of Plenty! Getting to the store itself was like a treasure hunt. You have to park in the back, and saying the lot was muddy is an understatement. But I was not to be deterred. Luckily, I had on my hiking boots and a nice guy from the hardware store next door held my arm through the mud and up the steps.

And it was so worth it!  When I walked in, I felt like I had hit pay dirt!  I met Kristi, the lovely owner and found that she and I liked many of the same things. I love how the store is set up, there are lots of interesting things to see and still room to move around. I couldn't wait to take it all in.

She carries fine art.  This beautiful multi-media piece is by Julia Bunn.

There were several amazing oil paintings by Steve Ehret.  This photo doesn't do this intricate work justice.

Dig this wood block print entitled American Ideas by Richie Peterson.

There's lots of rocks and plants and other natural specimens.  I love this custom shelf.

I almost flipped when I saw this onion dome!  This would make a great piece of sculpture in a garden or in an industrial loft.
And dig this lamp!  I almost fainted when I saw it.  Never seen anything like it.  Definitely mid century-inspired. Probably custom.  Totally awesome.

There are plenty of unique things for the home.  I could see this pink chair in a boho modern apartment.
Cute tile.  German maybe?

How cool is this model of the Taj Mahal hanging on the wall.  I love the unexpected presentation.
Pretty glass pieces.

Cool outdoor table.  I think this would be cute as an end or coffee table.  So much inspiration all around and really reasonable prices. I'm definitely going back.  Here's what I bought:

Little, metal pyramids.  Not sure why, but I dig 'em. I may go back and buy them all. I could see these lining a shelf. Goes perfect with my desire to add some more organic, yet simple, pieces to my decor.

Places to See in Akron: The Bomb Shelter

I've been doing a little exploring in my new city, and I decided to share what I find, so this will be a regular feature.  First up, The Bomb Shelter, which I featured before (see previous post here). I had to make a return visit. I found they do a great job of moving inventory. Today's visit to The Bomb Shelter is sure to satisfy the lamp tramp in us all.

Look at this lamp!  I'd love to spray paint it in a funky color, like a neon green. I need a studio. There's always plenty of inspiration at The Bomb Shelter.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Lamp and My Apartment for Today

It's official.  I have design ADD and I'm a lamp tramp!  In my post below, I mentioned my love for blue glass lamps. I've been wanting a Murano lamp forever - but the price is too high. Thank God for knock-offs. I'm a big believer in good design for the masses. Long story short - I was at Home Goods and they were having a big sale. Coincidentally, I had a gift card from my sister-in-law in my purse.
 Voila! Talk about serendipity.  A pretty good knock off of an Italian design. And it was stupid cheap.  Here's the beauty in my apartment.

Stay tuned, we're going to continue celebrating color and I'll probably be changing my apartment again. I know it's a sickness.

Celebrating Color: Blue Lamp Obsession

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I got a thing for lamps.  I recently watched one of my favorite movies, Amelie, for like the 100th time (see previous post about Audrey Tautou here.)

When this film came out, the blogosphere went crazy for Amelie's fabulous apartment. I love movie sets!  What caught my eye most about this fab set was those blue lamps!  The perfect foil to all that red. That must be what started it for me. My blue lamp obsession. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to do an all pink room, with a blue lamp.  Here's some inspiration.  Hope you enjoy!

I'd love to decorate a teenage girl's room in all pink with a blue lamp!  Wouldn't this genie lamp from Target be cute in a teenager's room?  Although, I admit it, sometimes I see things at Pottery Barn Teen that I want for myself!

The pop from the blue lampshade looks fab in this mostly pink room.  House Beautiful.

Love the lamp, pink sofa and dig that painting!  Anna Spiro via Where My Heart Is.

The hanging light looks so fresh in this gorgeous apartment in Sweden.  I am really digging those white floors.  Image via freshome.

This room is a perfect example of collected style. Hollywood regency influenced mirrored side tables and headboard, Italian lamps and global influences combined - and also done with a soft, restrained hand. The room still manages to be airy, fresh and simple with these diverse elements.  Quite an achievement. Brett Beldock via The Zhush.

I need that turquoise sofa.  Emily Henderson.

Beautiful.  Love those night stands and the shape of those lamps. Image via Santa Barbara Chic styled by Jen Everett.

Love this room!  Love the lamps, love the pillows and silver headboard!  Image via Graham and Brown wallpaper by Julien Macdonald. I know I'm always saying I hate wallpaper...but this is a use of wallpaper I can get behind.

Blue lamp in a fab shape looks beautiful on this mid century inspired dresser.  Image via Dwell Studio.

Pair of blue lamps pops against a gray wall.  Image via Apartment Therapy.

Achieve a cute retro look with a cute little blue lamp and big blue painting. Fab! Tracy's Vintage Modern in Manhattan via Apartment Therapy.

Retro decor not your thing?  You can get just a taste of it by adding a funky blue lamp.  Image via Design Sponge.

Gorgeous mid century inspired room!  Love how the color of the lamp repeats with the chair and the little vase.  Image via House to  Home.  Want more?  You know you do.  Fellow lamp tramps click here to see my post on turquoise lamps.


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