Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tooting My Own Horn

Hello dear readers! I always have a little trouble tooting my own horn, but here goes. I am honored and humbled that some of my urban photography now resides in the fabulous home of the equally fabulous Kim of Desire to Inspire!  I mean how awesome is it that a slice of Cleveland now resides in Ottawa! Cleveland is now an international city, lol!

Artists out there (of course every one's an artist, right?) know how it is. Your works are your babies. Sometimes I have trouble parting with my work. I want it to be loved as much as I love it. So when I give away my work, I have to be prepared. It's truly an exercise in letting go.  More often than not, it kinda goes into the abyss, never to be seen again. Most of the pieces that I've given to family and friends has been thrown into basements, attics, etc. So this is a treat many artists don't often get - the chance to see our art prominently displayed in some one's home. This isn't why I make art, I make it because I have to. It's in my soul, I have no choice. I must create. But...I take immense pleasure in being able to show people my unique vision. And technology has allowed each of us to express our unique voice.  Ain't technology grand?

These pieces are part of my post-industrial Cleveland and my Pink City series and were featured in the May - August 2011 Room with a View Show at the Summit County Executive's Office. I love this low tech presentation of my work - indeed my work is intentionally low tech and gritty.  And how appropriate it is that the duct tape is pink!

Thank you, Kim for displaying my art in your home and always being a source of inspiration and moral support!  To see more of my urban photography, see my urban photojournal.

Now for the shameless plug:  All photos are available as prints.  Please contact me if you'd like to buy a print.  A perfect way to put unique art, and a little flavor of Cleveland, in your home on the cheap. What could be better?


kim. said...

YOU ROCK PEGGY!!! Thank you again for sending me your photos. :-)

belledame said...

congratulations, peg! they look great.

Jessie said...

They look so great in Kim's home!


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