Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Places to See in Akron: Hazel Tree Interiors

Hazel Tree Interiors is a place downtown, Akron that I have driven by many times but never had the courage to go in. You know the kind, a high end gallery where nothing is in your budget. But hey, I love art and I'm curious. Every time I drive by, the cute building catches my eye - so I'm proud to say that I finally ventured in last week. The place itself is absolutely gorgeous, with white brick and a loft. It would make a great house!  Here's a few things of interest that I saw:

I just can't get enough found and upcycled art.  This fab piece, entitled the Red Castle, is by Michael Marras.  Michael's process is so fascinating, I plan to do a post about his work in the near future.

Oh yeah, never enough lamps. This one is made from pipe and an antique beer bottle, by Peared Creation.

Beautiful lighting display using vintage insulators.

Gorgeous industrial chic dining set. I could see this in an industrial loft. The moral of the story? Never be afraid to go into a shop. I was treated well and enjoyed my visit.

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