Multi Media Works

Disclaimer:  Collage is a controversial art form, but I love it and have made collages for years.  I am not sure why, but when I read magazines or junk mail, I identify patterns.  It's like everything I see is part of a puzzle.If I have used your work in one of my collages, please rest assured I mean no offense.  Indeed, if I've used your work I intend it to be a compliment.  I use work that I find beautiful.  Please contact me and I will be happy to give you credit, or take your work down if you prefer.


1957 is Not for Me

Ladies in Hats

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead II



Blossoming II

Freedom Angel

I Wanna Go Home


Branching Out

The Buddha Resides in Computer Circuits

Spirit Guides

A Walk in the Rain

A Little Help from My Friends

When Pigs Fly I'll Wear Tea Pots in My Hair

Stumbling Through a Complicated World

Muscles and Muses



Picasso's Brides

Dawn Contemplates the Juxtaposition of Nature and Picasso

Lonely Picasso Woman Discusses Project Runway with Diane Von Furstenberg


No Tolerance for Rigidity


Waste No Words


Ella and Billie


Blind Justice

We are all single women

You Are Worthy

Bloody Rose

No Rest for the Wicked


Just An Illusion

I Am My Own Bride (Independence Day 2000)

Electronic Christmas Card 2007

Please also see the most ambitious collage I ever worked on, entitled Sluts and Goddesses.

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