Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Laundry day. Sigh. There's a shitload of snow outside, so there's no excuse - I need to get the laundry done. I'm having company tomorrow - I need to get the laundry done. What am I doing? Procrastinating. Like a motherfucker. My preferred method of procrastination is reading blogs. It doesn't help that Desire to Inspire published a reading list over the past few days. (Note to self: update blogroll. One more thing for my long to do list.) I've been perusing some fascinating blogs while my laundry has been screaming at me, "Peg, get off your lazy ass!"

Image via Shelly Kay Cullen. Don't you find it amazing when people elevate the mundane to a work of art? Shelly is an amazing photographer. I know - I'm procrastinating.

I often receive emails saying my place is too perfect. These emails amaze me, because my furniture is second-hand and covered with sheets. I don't have a lot of stuff around, because I hate clutter. But it's not rocket science - I only photograph my apartment when it's reasonably clean. So for these critics, here's what my place looks like today:

Just kidding. I wish I had a laundry room this chic. Image Design Conversation. Have I mentioned that I hate laundry? I imagine Nirvana is much easier to achieve with in-suite laundry.

Have you read the blog Six in the City yet? If not, you must! It's about the adventures of a family of six who moved from their Colorado home (4800 square feet) into a New York apartment (1200 square feet). I love following their adventures, and the writer is hilarious. I'm no stranger to moving into smaller digs and getting rid of stuff, but I grieved with her when she got rid of her washer and dryer!

Oh the pain. I've never had in-suite laundry. Heck, it would be a luxury to have a laundry room on the same floor, I have to lug my laundry to the basement. Believe me when I tell you it's drudgery. Fortunately, my nephew has come up with a design that solves all my woes.

Meet the washing/drying robot! As you can see the robot has a built-in washer and dryer. He is equipped with agile arms. He can sort, load, remove, iron and put laundry away. The robot is even equipped with a sensor so that it adjusts the temperature, and it never over dries. I told you my nephews are geniuses!

Until we find a manufacturer, I guess I'm stuck lugging the laundry to the basement.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My wish for the holiday season and the new year

Thank you to all my dear readers. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time you take to read my blog and all of your support. I wish you peace and love. Happy Holidays! xxoo
Urban Outfitters.

Image by Peggy.

Image by Peggy.

Christina Reese Jewelry.

Heather Nicole Studios.

Source unknown.

Painting by Peggy, 2006, 18" x 24", acrylic on canvas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Color Scheme - Silver and Turquoise

This holiday season I have been pleasantly surprised by a very beautiful color scheme. Silver and turquoise. And, of course, whatever colors you use must be balanced with lots of white. Here's some inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

I am madly, deeply in love with this bedding from West Elm. Since I live in a studio apartment and the bed is prominently in view, beautiful bedding is a must.It's not in my budget, but oh how I want it! I would probably add silk pillows in turquoise. And dig that funky lamp! Images: pillow from Sassy Pillows; lamp unknown source via decor8; bedding from West Elm.
I adore this silver ottoman. It would make a great nightstand. Also love the tree all done up in peace signs. Chiasso.

A glam chandelier would fit in nicely. Image flickr user Bus Stop.

Dig this pillow and vintage inspired glass piece. Urban Outfitters.

Some of the Christmas ornaments were so beautiful this year, I could see them used all year long in decor. Love this atomic inspired ornament from CB2. I could see a bunch of these in a glass bowl, or perhaps it would be cool to create a mobile using these ornaments. What do you think of the Christmas ornaments this year? Aren't they beautiful? Did you use a non-traditional color scheme this year? I'd love to hear from you.

Blogging - James Camerons' Avatar

As my readers know, I am not big on hype. I do blog about movies, but infrequently. I have been eagerly anticipating the movie Avatar. Even though I have been struggling with illness again, my best friend and I made the decision to see Avatar. Twice. Yesterday we viewed the 2D version. Today we viewed the 3D version because we wanted a comparison. I feel very privileged to have done so.

I am not exaggerating when I say that Avatar is a cinematic experience of historic proportions, not to be missed. This is a film that will sweep the Oscars, break all records and be talked about in film schools for the next hundred years. The 3D version of this film is miraculous, breathtaking. The film takes place on the planet Pandora which is occupied by one incredible species after another. The music coupled with the flora and fauna are a sensuous delight. The species most human-like are beautiful, agile, lythe beings who live peacefully with nature rather than attempting to dominate her.

The battles scenes are predictably Hollywood in that they drag on too long. I do, however, understand the business reasons for this. The movie was expensive and must generate huge profit, and a lot of people like that shit. I don't understand why, but that's not really the purpose of this post. The movie has enough spirituality for even the most nonviolent of souls, and even though there is a lot of battle, there is so much beauty.

Mr. Cameron's adept writing skills are to be commended. A less skillful writer may have been tempted to create a Utopian, overly didactic film. And while the film has an important and timely sociological perspective, it does not patronize. Without beating us over the head, Mr. Cameron has skillfully shown the atrocities imperialistic societies commit. For too long certain cultures of humans have justified the annihilation of indigenous cultures and the destruction of their land while stealing their resources. And he's done this in a way that is entertaining and enjoyable.

I am reminded of the time I saw Barbra Streisand in an interview. She was asked whether she would consider running for public office. Her reply (I'm paraphrasing) was that she could affect more change for good in one film than she could in years of public service. I think I fully understood the breadth of her words today.

I've said it many times - Art has the power to change the world. I look forward to seeing the change this film will bring about in our world. We are now on the brink of the second decade in the 21st century. We should have set aside our belief in war long ago.

Mr. President, you know I love you and support you. I've professed this love on this blog many times. I jumped up and down when you were awarded the Nobel peace prize. However, your Nobel acceptance speech was disappointing. No one will ever convince me that war is justified. Forgive the digression - see the movie.

Mr. Cameron, I look forward to your Oscar acceptance speech.

I will miss you

Dear Brittany, I will miss you. You recently gave me a piece of your soul. During a weekend of illness I was unable to get off the couch. And you lifted my spirits. I absolutely adored you in The Ramen Girl. Your loving depiction of a lost girl overcoming her considerable challenges filled my heart with optimism. Thank you for that gift. I watched the film over and over. In fact, I intended to watch the film with my dear nephew. I only watch the most special films with him. I thought he might enjoy it because he speaks often of becoming a chef. I don't think I will be able to watch the film again for a long time. Rest in peace, sweet angel.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pillow Obsession

Pillows are a great way to accessorize your room. I believe you can't have too many. You can throw them around on a whim - like painting but without the mess! Etsy is a great place to buy handmade pillows.

Beautiful handpainted pillow by Mazizmuze.


Ali Douglass. I adore Ali's work! I've written about her before. See previous post here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My apartment - for today

Dear readers, as you know I've been obsessing about pink and gray lately. I've also been wondering if I could add a couple of black accessories to my decor. This color palette definitely influenced my latest thrift purchases.

I have been doing a lot of thrifting lately. I need to stop! This lot cost about $60.00, more than I ever spend. I am in love with the silver sequins pillow! Some of these things may end up as Christmas presents. The most expensive piece was the Danish bowl, but I may have a buyer for it already, and it will be at a profit.

I rearranged my living room today. Don't look too closely. It needs a good clean, which I will probably be able to do tomorrow. I think a storm is coming. I know I have too many pillows, but I can't help it - I adore them! I finally hung my Dee Adams' painting instead of just propping it (see previous arrangement here). Abigail Ahern has me wanting to paint my apartment gray.

Another arrangement of the pillows. It's so much fun to toss the pillows around. Like painting. Without the mess. I love the pop of the yellow (see yellow influence here).

Here is a peak at my sleeping area. I love the pink curtains from Target.

This little shelf in my kitchen is a nod to my love of Asian design. Love the pink chopsticks and the little rice bowl. Sometimes I think I should start a blog devoted to pink. I can't live without it.

Graham and Green

Dear readers, today I spent an inordinate amount of time procrastinating, perusing the Graham and Green website. I was in heaven! They have so many beautiful things, and lots of pink that would fit perfectly in my apartment.
I am in love with the Cindy lamp! I would like to have the gray, white and pink one!

And look at this chair. Divine! Love the combination of silver and pink in this picture.

Beautiful pillows.

And poufs. Oh how I want a pink pouf! After I win the lottery, I must find out if they ship to the U.S.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Color Scheme: Pink with Gray, Brown or Black

Dear readers, as you know I always obsess about pink. It's been my favorite color my whole life. But, I've been obsessing about it a little more than usual lately, if that's possible. Pink looks great on everybody, and it looks great with any color. It is not purely a girly color, and can be used in a thoroughly modern way. It looks great with gray, brown and black and looks great with organic touches. As you know, I have also been obsessing about gray lately and am thinking of redecorating my apartment in pink and gray. Here's some inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

Proof that pink can be used in a modern way. I love the organic touches, and the collection of ethnic art.

Do you remember this color scheme I talked about earlier this year? (See previous post here). Well check out this room below. I thought this was such a strange color scheme when I was considering it, but this room shows that it totally works!

More proof that pink can be used in a modern way. Does it get any better than this? I adore this room so much, where do I start? Love the Bourgie lamp, pink credenza, white sofas, white floor, gray pouf and the pop of the yellow pillow. I've been wondering if I could add a black accessory to my decor, and this room shows that I can. I love the pop of the black vase. I can't stop staring at this room, I want to live here! All above images jjlocations.

Love the pink pillows in this otherwise organic home. If I could sew, I would cover all of my pillows in pink. Sorry, I don't remember where I got the image. Probably Desire to Inspire.
I love this painting! Reminds me of the rug I featured here.

These two images definitively prove that pink can be used in a modern way. Images from Qora-Shai Boutique.

I know - I am infatuated with the designs of Jessie of My Mod Style. But I just can't help it! I mean look at the gorgeous colors she has chosen for her guest bedroom!

Pink painting and a few vases from my collection.

New pink items for my brother and sister-in-law's home. Since my sister-in-law's taste is more conservative than mine, she opted for a more corally-pink. The pillow was $14.99 from TJ Maxx and the Haeger vase was about $2.00 at a thrift store.

I think they warm up the living room nicely. I love that lamp! Now if I could just get her to get rid of those candle holders, but I have no idea what to replace them with.


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