Friday, October 9, 2009

Slate Gray and Black

This week I have been obsessing about black and gray. I've been seeing a lot of rooms painted in dark colors and they intrigue me. While I'd love to go OTT and totally redo my apartment, that's not realistic. So for the moment, I am considering whether I could incorporate a small touch of black or slate gray in my decor. Here's some inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

I dropped my jaw when I saw this rug on Desire to Inspire! I need it! Love the hot pink. Also love the purple glass bowls.
This is one of my all time favorite rooms. I had this photo in my inspiration folder. I believe it is from Desire to Inspire. Isn't that little love seat too adorable? Love the juxtaposition of vintage detailing with the graphic pop of the fabric.
This is another of my all-time favorite rooms. I must plan a post with all my favorite rooms! I adore white decor with pops of black and yellow. And if I am not mistaken, that is the fat-fat table from Patricia Urquiola. I love it! Looks fab with the black tray. Image via Decor8.

Here's another of Patricia's designs. I just couldn't resist. I know this is just a showroom, but the concept of a black box is interesting to me, like the theatre. And dig that chair! Patricia is one of my favorite designers, I should do a post dedicated to her.
This is a photo I took at the renovated City Hall in Wellington, Ohio. People think I am crazy because I am always photographing ceilings and light fixtures. I thought it was cool that the ceiling was dark, the tin tiles were painted in a slate gray. And I love that light!

I adore large prayer beads and rosaries hung on walls. Maybe this is a way I could incorporate black. This photo is making the rounds, so I'm not sure of its original source. I think I picked it up at The Brick House.

Also in my inspiration folder. I love paintings in a solid color. I often paint a canvas in a solid color and live with it for a while when I am contemplating a color. Image Elle Decor, June 2008.

I painted a canvas in slate gray. After contemplating this canvas for several days, it was one of those canvases where I couldn't stop layering on the paint. Perhaps gray on canvas calls for layers of paint, as cold weather calls for layers of clothes.

Here is what the canvas looks like now, in black and white. I will be describing this canvas in an upcoming post. The two vases were in my closet ($2.00 each from an outlet store). I've been saving them for my sister-in-law.


Stephie Z said...

I am curious as to who makes the white table and white chairs with pink cushions in the second to last photo with the grey painted canvas. i love them and have been looking for a cute set for my kitchen. Thanks!!

Peggy said...

Hi Stephie, thanks for visiting! That's my own dining set. The table is actually three different pieces found at different times. My brother assembled them and I painted them. The influence for the table is Euro Saarinen table, which I cannot afford.

The chairs are Euro Saarinen tulip chairs. I got really lucky with them, I found them on the curb, repainted them and had a seamstress make the pillows.

If the Sarineen table is too costly, There are lots of imitations. I like the Odyssey table at CB2, and it's very reasonably priced.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog and also the last.

It's disappointing to come to a site that's supposed to be about beauty and design and have to read the kind of language you chose to use. Takes the possible enjoyment of your site right out of it for me.

Peggy said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you for visiting and I am sorry you won't be returning. Yes, my blog is about beauty and art, but it's also about fun. The language in this post was an attempt at humor, which I suppose didn't work in this case.

Nonetheless, I have taken your comment into consideration and edited the content of this post. Of course, editing so that everyone is happy is not possible. It is my ultimately my blog.

Now one suggestion for you. Strong opinions are fine. I have very stong opinions myself. But you should have the courage to own your comments, especially when they are critical in nature.


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