Monday, October 5, 2009

Dark rooms

All white rooms still make me swoon. Especially with silver accessories. This is one of my all time favorite living rooms. Image via The Style Files.

But Abigail Ahern's beautiful home got me thinking about dark rooms. See previous post here. Image via Designspongeshop.

When I featured this lovely bedroom, I didn't realize it belonged to J. Crew's artistic director Jenna Lyons. Man the girl has style. Image via Moodboard.

This sultry loft belongs to Leila Shams and was featured on Desire to Inspire. I would love to lounge on that sofa with the sounds of Leonard Cohen wafting through the place.

Leila is uber talented. Apparently her diggs have inspired the clothes she designed. Can't you just see her walking around the loft in this gorgeous dress? Sexy. I don't know if this girl is Leila or a model - but isn't she gorgeous?! I saw the movie Surrogates this weekend (crap - save your money). If I were going to choose a surrogate this is what I'd look like!

This lovely bedroom belongs to the talented Ab Chao. I am loving the slate gray with pops of yellow and hot pink. Image via Hashai. She is a finalist in the All the Best Bedroom Contest, so be sure to vote for her!

Melinda and David's Artsy Unique Home via Apartment Therapy. Gorgeous. Love the austere bedroom in the top picture. And dig that mosquito netting. I'm thinking of adding some black or gray to my decor. Oh dear. A new obsession.

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