Sunday, December 7, 2008

Darkly Romantic Rooms

It all started when I noticed Abigail Ahren's lovely home on Designspongeshop.

See previous posts here and here. I've been noticing dark decor. Both dark furniture and walls. I am so in love with white, I never thought I would find rooms painted in dark colors interesting. But I do. They are cave like and very, very romantic. Here's a sampling. Hope you enjoy!

Meredith's black living room, image from Apartment Therapy. Love the white Buddha on the crate. Really pops against the black.

Love organic touches with the black walls. Just like in all white rooms, texture is very important in dark rooms. Of course, rugs would have to be faux. My readers already know I am opposed to animal rugs. Image Ilse Crawford via The Style Files.

I adore these salmon colored chairs with the gray walls. Very glamorous.

And, of course, pink looks great with black. Pink looks great with any color. Images from flickr user Chicfreaksali.

I love chalkboard walls. Image from flickr user linsmika. Linsmika has a great house. You simply must check it out.

Like I said, pink looks great with black. Black makes an entryway especially dramatic. Image from Jan Showers.
All this thinking about black makes me want this piece of pottery that I saw at a vintage shop. I've been resisting, I already have too many white vases and I don't want to start another obsession!

But it is gorgeous...

This month's Domino was full of dark interiors. I love this one.

Yellow looks great in a black and white interior. And I adore ugly dolls in elegant rooms!

I adore this bedroom. Simple, peaceful and elegant.

With these beautiful rooms, one would definitely need to dress the part. And what would be better than this gorgeous outfit featured in Domino? Love the textures. Again, it would have to be faux fur.

This is one of the finest outfits I have seen this year. Simply gorgeous, great texture, and the perfect counterpart to darkly romantic rooms.


Vineeta said...

This is such a cool post! Darkly romantic rooms- I loved each picture here. I'm sorry to have vanished, but now I'm back. How've you been Peggy?

Peggy said...

Vineeta, how great to hear from you! I'm well, but I can't blog as much as I'd like either. Hope you will visit again soon. I'll be sure to check out your blog.


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