Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Preview

At the end of last year I did a post entitled "Year in Review - Best Contemporary Painters." See post here. I received a great many emails after this post. I think of this blog as a museum, and I am its curator. Since that post was popular - and more importantly - since I am so obsessed with paintings, I will do another year in review on December 31. Here is a preview.

Relapse by Singleton. Singleton calls her work hippie art. It's all about peace, love and yearning. This particularly tender piece really struck me. It speaks to me of the feminine burning desire to be loved by man, as well as the fragile state of unrequited love. Her flickr set is here, and her Etsy shop is here.

Isn't this marvelous! "A Nun Sets a Dried Fish Free" by Lynn Beesley. Here is a work I would love to have in my home! I adore the shades of blue Lynn paints with and the surreal, spiritual and feminist nature of her work. Her works speak to me on a deep psychic level. I could write a treatise on what this painting means to me, but won't. Sometimes I get annoyed with critics (including me) who pontificate about art, presuming to know the intent of an artist. As an artist, I know that sometimes artists don't even know the intent. They do what they do because they have to. Art is about a feeling. And Lynn's artwork evokes such powerful feeling - the only thing I know for sure is that she is doing what she has to. See her flickr set here, and website here.

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