Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review - Best Contemporary Painters

To celebrate the new year, I would like to do a series of year-end reviews. The first is a review of some of my favorite painters. Painters that I would love to exhibit if I had my own gallery. Oh wait - I do! I have a virtual gallery. Welcome to the first exhibit of Creative Influences!

The artists I have chosen for this first review are all contemporary. It is a diverse group, as any good art exhibit should be. The thing that ties them together is that I love them all. I tend to be attracted to works that some may consider lonely and cold. I adore seeing rain expressed on the canvas, and no one does it better than Pat Stier. I also tend to be attracted to solo figures in paintings, like Jeana Sohn's work. I adore melancholy romance like Sachin Jaltaray. I am also attracted to paintings that appear dynamic, and organic. Some are witty, but all are soulful, sensual, thoughtful. I've included some artists who are technically illustrators, but there is no denying the impact contemporary illustration has in modern painting. Each artist has taken the time to share their unique vision, and for that I am grateful. To me there is nothing more important than art.

Posthumous recognition is given to Jean-Michel Basquiat and T.L. Lange, two artists whose impactful lives were too short. The works are arranged in alphabetical order.  With no further adieu, here is the first Year in Review Series. Enjoy!

Flickr user Arty Zen is a facinating artist. Her paintings are done with a gentle hand, and are quietly contemplative. Ms. Zen's flickr set is a wonderful place to visit when stress becomes overwhelming at a desk job. Indeed, I often use her set as a meditation.

Chiho Aoshima.


Anonymous said...

love Chiho Aoshima's illustration style. more work here:

Vineeta said...

Fantstic, eclectic lineup & collection! I was urprised by the diversity in syles apart from the senuality in the pics which is one commom thread- the other will have to be drama.

Unknown said...

hope you like my artwork, too!

Peggy said...

Hi Manuela! Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll be sure to take a look at your artwork. :)


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