Monday, December 24, 2007

Confessions of an Obsessive Painter, Vol. II - Dirty Little Secrets

Many of my paintings evolve, especially when I am unhappy with them. They become something else. I am working on an experiment in layering paint that I wrote about here.

This painting is probably my most radical experiment with evolution. In the original painting I was trying to create amoebas and was experimenting with glitter and movement. I was not happy with this painting, so knew it would receive more paint at a later date. I was then inspired by flickr user Ciah-Ciah and his "Creatures a Day" project. (In fact, I will devote an entire post to him at a later date). I had been wanting to paint cute creatures for a while, and knew they would be flower-like. But when the inspiration hit me I had no canvas! I am constantly running out of canvas. Since I didn't like the amoeba painting, I decided to repurpose this canvas.

I decided to experiment with metallic paint as I painted these little flower creatures. I love to contemplate this painting. It amuses me to think that amoebas evolved into little creatures. And it amuses me to think that another painting exists underneath. Like a dirty little secret.

Alien Flowers, 2007, 24" x 24" acrylic, marker, glitter on canvas.  When I do this type of experiment, I like to leave clues around the edges of what the painting used to be.

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