Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Virtual Shopping

I'm doing all of my Christmas shopping on the internet and I love it! Here are some gifts I'd like to give or receive.

Ceramic pears from Chiasso.

Tea towel from Marimekko.

Scribble bowl by Diana Fayt.

Martha Stewart collander available at Macy's.

This falls into the "dig it but don't know why" category. I think this pillow is adorable! Available at Sprout Home.

Sequined pillow and floor pillow from Wake Up Frankie. This site is for teenagers, but I dig it! As my readers know, I'm really five years old.

Everyone needs a Buddha in their pocket. Available from Urban Outfitters.

Feng Shui desk set designed by Daphne Haefliger. I'm usually not into figurines, but these are so cute! Love the graphic nature of them. I think I need these for my desk to help me create new beginnings. Available at Acacia.

And look at this cute set! Hotei, the Wandering Buddha or sometimes called the Laughing Buddha. A reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. Also available at Acacia.


Jessie said...

Cute finds! I like that Wake Up Frankie site. I look at it when decorating for teen girls. They have really fun decor stuff.

Jessie said...


I think I am really 5 years old too. lol I collect toys and have a pink hello kitty/carebear home office. hehehehe

Vineeta said...

I love i love I love the pics in this post! Perhaps because of the colours, or maybe its the way you've got the images in a particluar order or is it the colourful & hilariously laughing Buddhas ? :)


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