Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flickr Envy or I love Gray

I got such a kick out of Bijou Kaleidoscope's entry yesterday called flickr envy, I wrote about it below. The home she featured was certainly deserving of envy. Those of us who are addicted to design and home decor know this envy all too well. You see a home and suddenly you don't like your home anymore. You want to throw everything away and start over. You don't do that, but you think about it. The wonderful part is the home that inspires envy also inspires creativity and you do change something about the way you do things. Creativity is a marvelous process that continually folds back on itself.

I'd like to follow suit with Drey, and show my flickr envy. It is the home of Nadja Mueller, in designsponge's flickr set. I once had a yoga teacher tell me that grey was the color of depression, and I immediately rejected that notion. I love gray, and feel it has an almost spiritual or ethereal quality to it. Grey used well is calming and is beautiful used with silver. Don't believe me that grey is a beautiful color? Then check out the marvelous blog Another Shade of Grey. You will change the way you think about grey.

Nadja's home is an amazing study of grey and calm. She's got some great pottery too!

I adore those lamps. I wonder if she made the hanging lamp.

I adore empty spaces like this. So full of potentiality. I can picture Nadja doing yoga here while facing the windows. I would probably edit out that rug, but that's just me. That's one of my idiosyncrasies in the way I decorate - I don't really like rugs, but often find them necessary to reduce the chill. This rug is too bold in my humble opinion, but perhaps Nadja wanted a bold touch. And if you're going to use a bold touch, than what better way to do it than using hot pink? And never to be forgotten - this is her home, not mine.

The other thing I love about Nadja's decor is how she has lowered the scale of her furnishings and accessories. This is something I've been trying to achieve in my own decor. I love low scale, especially when combined with high ceilings.

Great vases. Love how she piles her books on the floor.

Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Look at that simplicity, but yet it's cozy. I adore that genie ceramic bowl on that table. Please email me if you know its source.

Adore the Jongerious vase and the large clunky beads on the floor. Perhaps these are prayer beads? I love the idea of having them on the floor, would make an excellent walking meditation or focusing tool. Walking by the beads is a reminder of the sacredness of home.

And here is the heart chakra of her home. Just look at that sofa! How gorgeous. Witty, yet soft. Wish I had some details about this sofa, perhaps she painted the cover herself?

This decor is a stunning achievement. I adore it. Nadja and Design Sponge, thank you for being an inspiration.

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