Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Robot Love

Robots in GP's bedroom.

I'm currently obsessed with toys. Maybe it's because I would love to give my nephews something really hip for Christmas. My love of toys has led me very interesting images of robots. So groovy I just had to share.

Images from flickr user Tubes. Sean's an amazing graphic artist. I love looking at his work. Not only does he take these amazing polaroids, but he does amazing design. His site is here with lots of great gift ideas!

Sentry robot by Doma, Octopo by Unklebrand and Plex available at Kidrobot.

Dig this cute bag! By flickr user Miss KittyKat.

HugBot painting by Michael Aldrich. You know you need eight hugs a day in order to maintain good mental health. Maybe we all need one of these. Would love to see this produced as toy by Kidrobot.

Hedonism Bot from flickr user Pink Loves Brown.

Robot Smile. Painting by Joey Slaughter.

Tofu Robot available at Fugitive Toys. I love this one! Too cute

Cha Cha timer from Chiasso. Sure to brighten any kitchen!

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