Wednesday, December 12, 2007

For Now

Remember the tulip chairs I found on the curb that I wrote about here?

I played with lots of different fabric, and finally decided that I would recover them in pink vinyl.

Here's what they look like now:

Another shot to add to the Incredible Changing Dining Area!
I started by applying primer. The very helpful person at Home Depot recommended Gripper by Glidden since I am unable to spray paint. It worked like a charm, so I decided my table needed a new coat as well. Work is very busy right now, so I won't have time to work on the set for a couple of months. Well, it just wouldn't do to have it looking not done, because I plan to have a couple of guests for the holiday season. So for now, I just added cushions from Target. Couldn't find pink, so got the next best thing. Red. I still intend to add high gloss white and pink cushions. But this works for now. I love my new chairs!
I am really pleased with the cost of this little dining area. The table cost nothing. It is actually three separate pieces found on the curb at three different times and then assembled. The chairs cost nothing. Glidden paint - $9.99. Two Target pillows - $9.99 each. Bottles on table, $.99 each at Salvation Army. Painting entitled "Red Sun" by me.
Ahh. It's good to be creative.


Jessie said...

Looking good. I am so happy that you found those chairs. I hope the others got a home too. :) I will keep that primer in mind for future projects. I have heard of it, but never used it. Yes, being creative is good.

Jo Walker said...

Looks fantastic!!!

Vineeta said...

It is good indeed to be creative! Love the way u've put it all together- Peggy u really are inspiring. Here I am sitting on the stuff I want to frame and put up on my wall for MONTHS!


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