Friday, November 2, 2007


OMG - just look what I found on the curb! I have been wanting new chairs for my dining area for a while, which I wrote about here.

Euro Saarinen Tulip Chairs! I love them. I had been coveting Kim at Desire to Inspire's fab chairs, and love her redo. The paint and the fabric look great. Wonder if her busy schedule would permit her to travel to the U.S. and redo my chairs? I actually like the foot of Kim's chairs better, but hey what are you gonna do for free?

I knew I would attract chairs. Here's how the laws of attraction work. Objects are a part of the dynamic movement of the universe, they should never remain static. Hoarding actually creates scarcity, not abundance. When I want something new, I create a vacuum to be filled. For example, I recently gave this beauty away. The legs were broken and the person who wanted it said they would fix it. I was glad it was getting a good home. As it travelled away, I thanked it for serving me.

Then poof! A few days later, I spoted my new beauties on the curb! I almost ran a red light in my excitement. There were actually six of these wonders on the curb, but I only took two. Hey I'm not greedy, I like to spread the wealth around. Also, my apartment (and car) are small. Oh boy! A new project. I'd like to spray paint them a high gloss white. Now what fabric to use to cover the cushions?

I think I have it narrowed down to one of these:

Or maybe I should do one of each? The blue is satin and the pink is vinyl. Any suggestions regarding fabric or painting techniques (bear in mind that I am lazy) would be greatly appreciated! I was playing with my vases last night and am loving this color scheme:

Stay tuned for after pics. I hope to complete this project this weekend.


Jenn Ski said...
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Jenn Ski said...

Wahoo! Free funky chairs! I love free stuff :)

shannon said...

Peggy, You have a way with words too--your thoughts about hoarding creating a sense of scarcity were just what I needed to hear today.

Jessie said...

Woo HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORE. That's wonderful. I so vote for the hot pink vinyl. The fact that you have pink vinyl is so cool. White glossy and pink,....can't go wrong. Plus you seem to really like pink right now! ;)

/// said...

Oh you LUCKY dog! I vote for the pink!!! :)

And re: your comment, I have no idea who makes those lamps in my pillow post, but I will do my VERY best to find out for you! :)

my little apartment said...

if its between the two, i'd say absolutely the pink. i can't even imagine satin seat cushions...

lucky you!

Anonymous said...

This is the original chair.
finland really got some good design!
love the tulip chair but they way to expensive. wish i could find a knock of too! :)


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