Monday, November 26, 2007

Influence - Josiah McElheney

Image from Donald Young Gallery.

I first discovered Josiah McElheney's work in Metropolitan Home and was immediately attracted to it. His biomorphic forms are meticulous and appear to grow out of their display. In fact, his work is a study in display. The display of the object is as important as the object itself. I always wanted a table with a vase connected to it, and seemed to grow out of it. It would be even better if designed by McElheney.

I am a lover of white pottery and white glass. As I looked at McElheney's work, I realized that collecting is easy. Display not so. Display is an artform of its own. It's not good enough to have pieces scattered about, and clutter is not appropriate. When I moved into my small apartment, I wondered how best to display my pottery. McElheney provided the answer. Together, and vertically. A collection displayed in this matter is highly impactful. It was McElheney's work that inspired my vertical room divider/pottery shelf, which I am constantly restyling.

Even though the pieces are not all white, I am sure they will be again. I love to foray into color, but always return to white. Thanks Josiah for being an inspiration!

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Jessie said...

You really have great pieces! Love the placement of them.


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