Monday, November 19, 2007

If Money Were No Object

Kose Pietra bowl and Ted Muehling porcelain pieces from Rose and Radish. Note to self: win lottery. Note to Target: in the event note to self doesn't work, would you please make a knockoff of the Pietra bowl when you produce the architectural vessels I wrote about here?

Joshua Stone's amazing felt vase, Ice Collection and Moroccan lantern from Lekker Home.

Ripple fruit bowl and cafe server from Karim Rashid.

Lola teapot by Bodo Sperlein. Available in the U.S. at Unica Home.

Hella Jongerius available at Unica Home.

Teco reproduction from Just Art Pottery.

Vessels and bowls by silversmith Shimara Carlow.


SeanG said...

The Pietra bowl is really quite beautiful

Peggy said...

Hi Sean! Thanks for visiting. Yes, I adore that Pietra bowl. I would add it to my collection if it weren't so pricey.

Vineeta said...

I love it when you begin with 'If money were no object...' I know Im going to see very serious eyecandy :) U have such brilliant taste :)


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