Friday, November 9, 2007


I was a paparazzi at lunchtime today. There was so much beauty all around me I didn't want to stop clicking! SNL & BB - thanks so much for the new camera!
Here are a few of the things I saw.
Shoes for a New Year's Eve party. They have a zipper in the back. How cool is that?

Even though I'd need a wheelchair to wear them, I'd still look fab because I'd wear this dress with them. Every girl needs to let the inner vamp out sometimes.

These shoes make a little more sense. They look infinitely more walkable, and let's face it - every girl needs a pair of lucite shoes.

Dig this Hello Kitty Bag. I swear I'm really five years old. Of course if I bought this bag, I'd have to have pink boots to go with it.

And dig these goof balls! They actually light up! Looks like pop art to me. One of each, please.
How much is that poster in the window?

I love me some Tokidoki.

Just 'cause it's an important cause, doesn't mean the poster can't be pretty. Love and want this. This artist and I are in sync. I've been painting with ice blue a lot lately.
A lovely siren posed for me.

There were so many beautiful people I wanted to photograph. Hey, forget Paris, Britney, Lindsey, Nicole, Angelina, Katie, etc. "Ordinary" people are infinitely more fascinating.

I thought I'd better eat before I got back to my last-minute rush jobs. Okay, just one more pic. Look at this groovy light fixture. I want it for my dining room.

Finally, I sat down to an Atkins lunch. A gyro salad. The guy who served it to me was wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt and told me how great revolutionaries are motivated by love for their people. He was so cute I wanted to take his picture, but I was afraid to ask.

Yum! Herein lies my hypocrisy. I'm not a vegetarian. Wish I was. But you'll never catch me wearing leather or fur. Is it 5:30 yet?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your Friday post! I can not wait till my 1 hour body massage tomorrow, with a manaicure and pedicure after! I hope you have a great Friday , please stop by my blog if you can!

Happy Friday!


Jessie said...

I love that silver dress. Its so Kylie Minogue. lol ;) Also I love the hello kitty purse. I will always love hello kitty, I don't care what age I am. :)

Peggy said...

Deb - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you will come by again! I will be sure to check out your blog.

Jess - thanks for your regular support. I don't know how Kylie Minogue is - I will have to look that up. I think you would look great in that silver dress serving martinis in vintage aluminum glasses in your fab dining.


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