Saturday, November 17, 2007

Victor Vetterlein - New Design

I was excited to receive an email from artist/architect Victor Vetterlein announcing his new design, the totally fab Meeraboo FL-1 floor lamp. See my previous post about Victor here.

Victor states that the lamp is "60 inches tall and made of fiberglass with a high gloss white finish. The interior is gold leaf. The FL-1 is designed to cast light downward... This is the third and final piece in the Meeraboo-2007 Collection, the LC-1 lounge chair, is currently under development."

At first glance, I find Victor's work other-worldly. However, the piece is far more complex than initially appears. Though its alien-like appeal is evident, it is nonetheless organic in form. The form does not appear forced, but natural. At once primitive and modern, an amazing accomplishment.

This lamp could work in so many environments, in a clean modern minimalist home. In a home with Asian inspiration or organic inspiration. I could also see it alongside African sculpture, and because the light is cast downward, it would highlight sculpture very well. As I contemplated the lamp further, I thought it looked a bit like a house and became amused at the idea of the lamp paired with African family sculpture.

Image from Shona Gallery.

This piece would fit beautifully in my conceptual white box. But in order to give this piece the full meditative contemplation it deserves, I would need a Noguchi sofa to lounge on.

Victor and Noguchi's artistry have something in common. They both employ a sculptural elegance. In fact, I believe Victor's Woojiun lamp, could easily take its place among such classics as Noguchi's Akari lamps.


Victor, thanks for being an inspiration, and thanks for keeping me apprised of your work. I can't wait to see the Meeraboo lounge chair!

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