Monday, August 27, 2007

The White Box - Victor Vetterlein

I absolutely adore Victor Vetterlein's work. I first discovered him at the AT Smallest Coolest 2007 contest. The apartment he designed was in the final four. No matter how much I experiment with color, I keep coming back to all white. White, light filled boxes make me swoon. In my love of mod retro design, I've been noticing the pod as a recurring motif, so am very drawn to Victor's alien pod-like lamps and coffee tables.
I could live here. I could sit on that sofa and contemplete the pure potentiality of the empty shelves all day. Also really love the monochromatic effect of the white painting against the white walls.

Victor & Soeun's Romatic Loft.

Image from MocoLoco. Totally groovy combo light/table. And doesn't she look great! I adore the idea of matching costume to design.

Victor is very talented. I love the graphic nature of his paintings too. I've been wanting to experiment with words in my own paintings.

Images from Victor

I've got a painting brewing in my head. Victor's place is influencing me. I keep thinking, what would I paint for this space? His space if definitely talking to me.


jeana sohn said...

oh i love it!

Vineeta said...

I'm working my way up through yr blog- one post at a time. This one is superb! All that white broken just by touches of light. And Im really looking forward to see how u will choose to interpret letters on yr paintings- U r on a roll..!

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to have worked with Victor in Seattle back in the late 1990's, and seeing what he has done is in no way surprising to me - he has such talent and vision and a complete lack of caution. Everything that he designs comes right from his heart and his razor-sharp brain.


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