Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Okay to be Pretty

Last week I wrote about the choice to be comfortable rather than pretty. Make no mistake, it's okay to be pretty, and you are pretty just by virtue of being a woman. You're not too fat, too thin, too tall, or too anything. Let's get rid of the 'er words (older, etc.) And forget about the word "too." All women are beautiful and the great thing about being a woman is that we have so many choices. This week pretty is on my mind because a painting is brewing. It is very difficult to do my work today because all I can think of are graphic shapes and colors.

I am caught up in the romance of Victor Vetterlien's white box (see post below). I love the idea of entertaining in that fabulous place and wearing an outfit to match the decor.  Here is what I would wear to throw a party in Victor's home:
Love the orange pop of the dress against white hose and shoes.  Much like my own decor.  Here is what I would wear while contemplating the empty shelf:
Fashion design by Lisa Perry.


kim. said...

Those are retro fabulous outfits. LOVE EM.

Vineeta said...

I loved the entire picture! the white space & the model in the SUPER BRIGHT colour. I loved the green dress's fall.And the earrings- gorgeous!!


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