Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sprout Home II

Remember this cute vase at Casapinka? She has it on her wonderful turquoise table in her foyer. Pink says its Japanese and that she got from Ebay. Not my taste at all, but really cute nonetheless. I can sometimes appreciate a vase even if its not white, matte, blah, blah, you know the rest.

In any event, look at the vase below from Sprout Home. I think it would look absolutely smashing next to the the above vase in Pink's home. I don't know if its not serious enough for her taste, but I love the oxymoronic feel of it. It's made of porcelain, which we are acustomed to seeing in dainty, delicate shapes (which is oxymoronic actually too because porcelain is very durable material).

This vase has taken the notion of perfect porcelain and turned it on its ear, by crumpling it. I like to think the artist probably had a perfectly shaped vase, and then intentionally crumpled it, making a very powerful statement on the nature of perfection. That's one cute vase. What do you think, Pink?


Jessie said...

That looks like something Pink would like!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took me so long to see this (being out of town so much.) It's def my taste! I really like it. Oh, and your art work looks fab.


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