Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pink! Or I should have been born rich instead of beautiful...

Pink is on my mind, as usual. No matter what color I am obsessing about, it is always in combination with pink. White and pink. Orange and pink. Tuquoise and pink. You get the idea. I guess I need two homes, one all pink and one all white. I've dreamed of having a place with all pink walls and everything else, furniture, lamps, accessories would be white. And lately my love for pink is the hot pink variety. My favorite color du jour is fushia.

A modern interpretation of pink is hard to find. If I I were a designer, I'd design a symbiotic room of all pink organic forms. Ahh. I can see the images in my mind, pink lamps, pink pottery, Translating it on a page is difficult. Perhaps on canvas.

I wonder, is it wrong to lust over a refrigerator? I must admit to being in lust with the Smeg fridge. One day I hope to own one, because I think everything in a home should be beautiful.

Here are some pink images. Enjoy!

Typhoon Shocking Pink Retro Bread Bin. Isn't this fabulous?

Modern 50 Mid-Century Products (Careful, this site is addictive!)

George Kovacs Lamp. Very hard to find a modern pink lamp that is not deco.

I absolutely adore this pop art painting by Shauno. Takes me back to my youth, when I used to dye my hair pink! I still really love pink hair. I would love to see a HUGE version of this in a minimal white loft. Shauno's Etsy shop is here. Shauno's home page is here.

Karim Rashid Veuve Clicquot Love Seat. Form follows form in this piece. I'm embarassed to admit I love it. It's just too fab even though no one could ever possibly sit in it, much less afford it at its ridiculous price tag of $10,000.00! This piece belongs in a fashion shoot, a sci-fi set, or in a lobby of some concrete building to serve purely as sculpture. And even though this piece is ridiculous, I just can't argue its beauty.

If you were the unfortunate model who had to sit on this piece, it should be a requirement that you wear the following Lisa Perry dress.

At least you'd look marvelous!

Karim does have a coupla cute pink objects that are affordable.
Lighter for $9.00. I always wanted a cute lighter to light candles. Certainly no one would use this cute lighter for cigarettes.

And the Oh chair. Priced at $65.00. I'd like to have two of these for my dining room.

I say it all the time - thank God for Target! Look at this tea set priced at only $22.49! And me still several days away from pay day! I hope the supplies last! Absolutely adorable. Love the globally-inspired shape of it. Cross your fingers for me that they don't run out! It just so happens that I have the perfect empty shelf for this set. And I really need it for AT's color contest.
Ahh, I'm a great consumer. Just not such a great capitalist.

I really tried to include some pottery (although maybe the tea set qualifies). But it's really hard to find, simple, modern organic pink pottery. Not deco, not Rosewood and without flowers on it. I'd appreciate it if any one has any links they can share.

My OCD from the previous days (pink, turquoise, pods, alien looking lights, urban toys) culminated in the following paintings:

Angels and Aliens, 2007
24" x 30", acrylic and marker on canvas

The Universal Language
18" x 24", acrylic, marker and pencil on canvas
Sometimes my eccentricity worries me. Not!


Making it Lovely said...

I do love me some pink.

Jessie said...

Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile...been so busy,....love this post! I have been trying to brain storm some ideas for my office, which is going to be a very PINK room with white furniture. I love hello kitty, so I will have her through out my office too. :) Great place for ME to design. Can't wait to get it done and post some pictures!!!!

Vineeta said...

I absolutely loved the pop art pic! and u have painted the cute little toy!


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