Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Incredible Changing Dining Area

My apartment and I are having a love affair. And while it is the smallest place I've ever lived in, it has inspired the most prolific time in my creative life. I have painted more and moved this place around more than any place I've ever lived in.

I don't like a lot of stuff, yet I seem to have a lot. Purging is a regular activity for me and this weekend I purged quite a bit. I want my place to look sparse, uncluttered and carefree. I have a small stash of pottery and lamps in my closet so I can change the look of the place on a whim. Sometimes a painting will inspire a whole new look. Sometimes a new look will inspire a painting.
Increasingy, I use my dining area for merchandising. It's easy to do since the furniture is all white. Oh and by the way, the furniture is all from the curb. The table is actually made of three pieces found separately, screwed together and then spray painted. I am considering covering the chair pads in a new fabric, but I haven't done it because I really want new chairs.

Oh, and I call it a dining area, not a dining room, because it is so small. I was going to eliminate this area and use the entire dining room for my office, but I like having a place to sit and drink tea. The first picture is what it looked like when I entered AT's color contest last fall.

I grew tired of the fuschia walls. So I painted the place white. Here are a few of the dining room's costume changes.

I blogged about this painting the other day. It doesn't look like this anymore. Now it looks like this.

This is my dining area dujour. The bowl is relatively new. I had been wanting a wooden bowl, but I opted for this Vietnamese bamboo bowl when I saw it at Old Time Pottery for $1.99! The painting is the same painting that was in the first pic from the AT color contest, but more paint has been added.

Who knows how it will look tomorrow? I have been working on a new painting tonight. But I think that's going in the living room. I'll give you a hint about the painting, it's got a lot of tuquoise (my latest obsession) in it.


Jessie said...

That's fun that you can just switch things around, based on your mood basically. That's the beauty of white walls and white furniture. ;)

Vineeta said...

This is such a fun post! with just a little u've done so much. My fav is the swirly blue painting with the blue mirrored stole & the one with the love painting.

kim. said...

I love seeing all your dining area transformations - I'm not the only crazy person always wanting to change things around!

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Very interesting...same space but different looks..I completely love it!!

I keep trying various looks in my home too :-)

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

I like the last two images :)...I too keep different colored tableware and table furnishings to keep changing my dining area look. Haven't experimented with wall colors as yet...

drey said...

wow amazing how small items can change the mood totally. i enjoyed looking at these pics! i move things around really often too... a bit too often for husband here.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Jessie, you know I love all white.
Yes, Kim, you are not the only crazy one! Vineeta, thanks for always commenting. And Drey, I know exactly what you mean. Ex-boyfriend used to get annoyed. He said everytime he came home it was a different place.

Making it Lovely said...

Fun! I love how different it looks each time with just a few changes.


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