Monday, August 27, 2007

Contemplating a White, Empty Shelf

In my post regarding Victor Vetterlein below, I spoke of how I would love to sit on the white sofa and contemplate the potentiality of the empty white shelf all day long. I never tire of contemplation of space. If I were to place an object(s) on that shelf what would it be? Of course it would have to be something simple and I would go for assymetry. Placing an object to the left and leaving the right empty. I find negative space very important when trying to make a beautiful object or two impactful. What would I place there?

Maybe a white bottle with graphic lettering?

"Poet's Bottle: Sin"
Art Glass BottleBy: Jeff Crandall

Or maybe an art glass genie bottle?

"Topaz Genie Bottle"
Art Glass VaseBy: Claire Kelly and Anthony Schafermeyer

Or what about my new toys? UniPo's Cosmo-Knots from Fugitive Toys, as seen on my flickr set.

Or maybe I should stick with all white and juxtapose the white Cosmo-Knot with the Vietnamese statute (formerly available from Pier One). Every home needs an Asian piece.

In the end, I would probably leave the shelf empty.

A painting is definitely brewing here. Victor, thanks for being an inspiration.

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