Monday, August 20, 2007

Mid Century Lamps

It's all my SNL's fault, I'm obsessing about lamps today. Seriously, though, I can obsess without her help and today I am totally obsessing about lamps. In my searching, I came across a great site, called TV Lamps. I am sure Kim and Jo from desiretoinspire would love this site, if they haven't already blogged about it.

A girl can never have enough lamps, right, Kim and Jo? And you already know that I am a lamp tramp.

And, Kim, look at this funky lamp. Would look great in your home.

All images from

P.S. Kim - had a really cute post called virtual housewarming party for Jo. What a great idea. I, of course, "bought" Jo a lamp. If you haven't yet, check it out.


kim. said...

Hey Peggy - great finds! I'll have to check out that site tomorrow. Love the last lamp - but REALLY love the second one!

Jo Walker said...

Thanks for the virtual present Peggy. I love it and I also love all of these.

Peggy said...

Kim, that second one looks kinda like the yellow lamp you bought from one of your thrifting trips. I can't remember if the lamp has a shade or not - will have to check it out again at your flickr set.

kim. said...

My lamp still does not have a freaking shade. I've been looking hi and lo for one.

Vineeta said...

lamps are the best- they really change the way a room looks! nice lamps!


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