Thursday, August 2, 2007

And Another Word About Jonathan Adler or the White Box Revisited

I talked of dreaming of living in a white box in an earlier post. Most people think I'm crazy when I say that. Time was I wanted historical and architectural details. Now I just want simplicity. I want white walls, white floors and absolutely no trim. Make no mistake, though, I want to live in a large white box, not a small one. I've lived in a small place for a long time and crave more space, but that's for another post.

I used to hang a white frame on my wall and contemplate the infinite possibilities. This is how I feel about a white space. It is pure potentiality. The possibilities are endless.

This month Domino did a feature on a "boring" white box decorated by Jonathan Adler. As I mentioned earlier, normally I am not a fan of Adler's over-the-top decorating style. However, in this white box it really works. I love it. I love that the art holds its own without competition from architectural details. And even though the place looks hastily done (which is okay because it was hastily done) it is still fascinating. I can't imagine that the owners would tire of it any time soon which is an accomplishment.
I would love to go through the place and edit. That's how I decorate. I move things around and then edit out about half. In the top picture, I would remove the faux zebra rug. I want to see that beautiful floor.
In the following picture, I would do three things. (1) Replace that light with a George Nelson bubble lamp. This would fit in better with the geometry of Jonathan's vases and lamps. (2) Replace the bamboo shelf with something simple, white and more, ahem, boxy. Art should not compete with its display. Display shelves should be completely utilitarian, so that they almost disappear. Perhaps I'd move the bamboo shelf into the bathroom to hold towels. And (3) On the table, I'd leave only the two divine blue vases.
Jonathan, can I come work for you as an editor?


Vineeta said...

Recently a friend of mine & me were having a discussion about white in decor. She seemed to feel that being comfortable with white would come only with maturity for her. She loved to see it, but questioned her ability to live within it. She felt it might be demanding ( her to be what she is not perhaps) White is a pure colour- Its a non colour. Its a colour from where all other colour come. thats an interesting thought isnt it?

Jessie said...

I don't think I really like his style either... My old house had the ALL white living room,...and when we put it on the market to sell it,..the first woman that walked through said, "No color?" when she saw the living room. I was mad and upset that she said this. lol My Realtor even told the lady, "I think the home owner was trying to make a decorating statement" lol :)

Anyways, you know I love all white, and most of my rooms in my new home will have TONS of it,..with a balance of color and patterns.


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