Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Think Pink!

Today I read on Apartment Therapy that there are two camps of thought when it comes to pink.  Those die hard fans who love it, and those who hate it.  Obviously, I fall into the first camp.  Pink has been my favorite color my whole life.  I am mystified when I hear someone say they hate pink.  I think it is by far the most mysterious, warm, romantic, soothing and flattering color there is.  It is also the most misunderstood color, which might be why it resonates so well with me.  I've often felt like a misfit.

Pink can be used in so many ways.  Pale pink looks great with blue, black or gray.  Hot pink looks great with yellow.  Pink works great in large amounts and in small amounts.  It looks great with wood and hard industrial pieces.  A small piece of pink brings needed balance to a room.  Pink is very flattering to any one's complexion, no matter what color.  Most importantly - as I've said a million times - pink is not just a girly color.  It can be used in a thoroughly modern way as these beautiful rooms from my inspiration file prove.

I don't remember where I got this image, my bad.  Inside/Out maybe?  In any event, hot pink works very well with cool blue.  Dig the ombre treatment of that hot pink canvas.  May have to steal this idea.

A very beautiful use of pink.  Those curtains are to die for!  Image Living etc.
I love this fresh approach to color blocking.  This is my dream home office.  Image from Emily Henderson's blog, but not designed by her.  I love Emily, but she has a bad habit of not linking to her sources.  Please contact me if you know the designer of this room. 
Love the peek of pink behind the door!  Very inviting and warm.  Also love the sweetness of pink juxtaposed with the edginess of this loft.  And dig those ceramics in the right corner by Jaime Hayon!  Image via Abigail Ahern.
Love the pale pink sofa with the yellow glass table, fabulous rug and white floors!

You know I am a sucker for light fixtures.  Dig this vintage pink and gold one.  Just enough femininity balanced with just the right amount of edge.  It's perfect.  I want it.  Above two images via The Apartment.

How sweet is this corner of a little girl's room?  Coral pink is also a beautiful, soothing shade and is used nicely on the door insets.  Also check those fab over sized knobs.  Another idea I may have to steal.  Traci Fleming via Apartment Therapy.

I adore all white interiors with pops of pink, and really love the combination of hot pink and pale pink provided by the pillows.  Image via my favorite designer, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz.

An accent wall is great idea for a pop of color.  Also love the pink and gray pillows.  Image skona hem.

I love pink in the bedroom!  The pink walls look fab with the wood floor and night stand.  Love the gray lamp, brown curtain and yellow pillow.  Pink, gray, brown and yellow make a beautiful color scheme.  Image via  vtwonen.
For a pop of hot pink in a mostly white dining room, Julie Khuu cleverly chose these inexpensive vases from Ikea.  She proves that beauty doesn't have to cost a lot.  The vases gain prominence by being used in multiples.   Love the white table and chairs, and the rug.  I am loving the organic touch of wood provided by her clever art installation.  By using multiples of the same object, she again has achieved a beautiful look that is not expensive.  She provides interest by having each figure posed in a different manner. The look is still simple due to the repetition of the same object and its geometric display.  All in all a very stunning room.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful banquette?  I certainly haven't.  Image via Desire to Inspire.

Hot pink is so sophisticated with black and gray.  I love those lamps!  I love how they are shaped differently, but made cohesive by using the same shade and spray painting in the same color.  Hmm.  May have to steal that idea.  Image via HGTV.  Pops of pink looks so sophisticated with white, gray and black as the following rooms show.
Also HGTV.
House to Home.

I dearly love this room.  This is currently my fantasy room.  Man I love the pottery, the tables and the ombre treatment of the curtains.  And the rug.  A perfect room.  Also House to Home.
Or maybe this is my favorite.  Pink sectional, low scale coffee table, black pops from the vases and art, and organic touch provided by the credenza.  Retro and modern.  In other words, heaven.  
Ditto, but add a pop of yellow in a modern, graphic painting.  These two rooms look like they could be in the same house.  Above two images Living etc.

Just a small pop of pink is provided in this hanging shade, but it is very impactful.   Love the retro-inspired shade in this largely organic looking room.  Love the green and yellow chairs and the Moroccan-inspired stove (heater?).  I usually cringe with I hear the word eclectic, but this is eclectic done right.  Although I wish they'd edit out the antlers.  I just don't like dead animals or animal parts used in decor.  Sorry.  I'm stubborn that way.  Image vtwonen.
I love these pink vases with the green credenza.  Bad blogger again.  Oops.  Please contact me if you know the source of this image.
Love hot pink with yellow!  It looks especially fabulous with the gray rug and the silver sofa.  I'm having sofa envy.  House to Home.
Love the international flavor provided by the poster.  Love the pop of yellow from the lamp.  Also love the use of color blocking here.  Nancy Riesco via sfgirlbybay.

Let's review shall we?  You can use a lot of pink or a little pink.  You can use pale pink or saturated pink.  You can even combine the two.  Pink looks great with yellow, gray, silver black, white, brown, blue and green.  Heck, pink looks great with any color.  Pink flatters anyone's complexion.  Pink is not strictly a girly color and can be used in a modern way.  If you're afraid of pink, start with a pink pillow.  I promise you will be a convert.  There's only one rule when it comes to pink:  There's no such thing as too much pink.


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