Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fashion Fun, part deux

Today is all about fashion.  It's Friday!  What's more fun than starting your weekend looking fabulous?

I adore femininity with an edge.  These pearls look great with this leather jacket.  Would be a perfect look for Rihanna.  Chanel via Silk & Lace & Wool.

And speaking of edgy femininity, my all time favorite look is comfy jeans dressed up with a lady like shoe or jacket.  Image via Park & Cube.
Fab photo of Mila Kunis.  Love the hair and makeup.  That sculptural collar is dreamy.   From the cover of the LA Times via Lasio Studios.
Perfect pink tulip dress via Honor.
Perfect pink lipstick.  Via makeupbee.  Hope you have a great weekend, dear readers and that you look fabulous while doing it!  xo

Friday Fashion Fun

I love white hair.  I need some white mascara.

Love this flirty look!

Above three stunning images via Ben Trovato.  Warning this site is absolutely addicting...

Drawing similarities among disparate's just how my mind works.  Creativity influences creativity. I'd love to make a necklace with these fab origami boxes.  I'd wear a sweatshirt dress, white hair and white mascara with the necklace for a fun look!  Image via Weekday Carnival.

Celebrating Photography

I love photography.  I am especially obsessed with fashion photography.  I'd love to do a large mural of a fashion shot.  Of course, it would have to be in black and white.  Here is some fab black and white eye candy for your Friday afternoon.
Would make a perfect mural!  I'd like to rasterize this image.  Image source unknown.

I love the contemplative romance of this photo.  For some reason, I love faceless art, maybe it's the mystery. (for previous posts featuring faceless art, click here).  Photo by personal friend of the editor.  Not to be copied without express permission.

The perfect glam pose.  One of my favorite photographers, Halim Ina.

Katie Holmes looks so fab in this ad!  I adore her chic yet casual look.  The pearls and sequined pants are feminine.  The denim shirt and slightly messy 'do gives her just the right amount of edge.  The perfect combination of hard and soft.
Speaking of feminine edge, look at this beauty.  A lot gorgeous, a little spooky.  Just the right amount of mystery.  Adds up to a whole lot of romance.  I'd love to know what's behind those soulful eyes.  Image source unknown.
Dreamy.  I'd love to float around in a bubble.  Melvin Sokolsky.

Stunning images from the Alexander McQueen retrospective Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
I need one of these necklaces.  Again, soft yet edgy.  Reminds me of a dragon fly.  Manca Ahlin via See | Me.
I also adore fashion illustration.  I love me some Junko Mizuno.  The cover of this book is so awesome!  Edgy and cute.  Kinda retro.  Would make a great poster.  For previous posts about Junko Mizuno, click here.

*Note:  I have taken the liberty of making some of these photos black and white for the cohesion of this post.  Also, for photos that are uncredited, please contact me if you know the artist.  Thank you!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mood Board: Pink and Red!

Red is a powerful color.  It's probably the most feared color in decor.  I'm not a big user of red in decor, but there's nothing to fear about red.  If you need to be especially confident for a meeting or speech, wear red. Don't listen to what anyone says about red lipstick - it's sexy!  Especially with a nude eye makeup.  In home decor, a little red goes a long way.  And red looks great with pink, as the following pictures show.
I adore this photograph by  Femke Reijerman via See | Me.  At first I thought the girl was walking along the beach.  Perhaps it is the illusion of wind in the photo or perhaps it is because I miss Lake Erie so much.  I realized after sometime that she was actually walking by a painted brick wall.  In my opinion, this illusion shows the skill of the photographer.  I was literally transported by this photo.  I'd love to see it blown up very large and hanging in this dining room.
Can't you see it hanging on the left wall?  And how fab is this dining room?  The pink table and red chairs look so hot in this industrial looking loft.  They work well because the floors and walls are white.  It's very clever that there are no objects placed on the table.  It's gorgeous enough to stand on its own as art, with no competing objects.  Also dig that hot pink island.  David Mikhail via Desire to Inspire.

You already know that gray is my new favorite color and that I'd love to do an accent wall in gray.  The color scheme of pale pink, red and slate gray is stunning in this kitchen sitting area!  Oh dear, I was sure I was going to do a scheme of yellow, pink and gray for Spring.  But maybe now I'll do red, pink and gray.  So many colors, so little time.  The more I fall in love with color, the more that I learn there really aren't any colors I don't like, and there really aren't any colors that don't go together. Photographed by Anna De Leeuw for vtwonen.

You don't have to use a lot of color to have an impact.  A piece of art in a bold pink and red looks great in an otherwise restrained room.  Go big with your art for an uncluttered look.  Love the hanging lamp and the table (the Saarinen is my favorite table of all time) and chairs.  Aga's Modern Interior in an Old Building via Apartment Therapy.  Want to see more beautiful uses of pink and red?  Click here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mood Board: Light Pink

I love me some pink.  Always have.  It's been my favorite my whole life.  Usually I am drawn to hot pink, but lately I've been noticing softer, paler pinks.  I love pale pink paired with metallics, gray, and yellow.  It also looks great with turquoise and orange.  For a stunning look, mix pale pink and hot pink.  Whatever color you use, it should be balanced with lots of white.  Here's a few facts about pink:  you can never have too much;  it looks great on everyone;  it goes with any color;  it is not a strictly girly color and can be used in a thoroughly modern way.  Sometimes I think I should have written a blog devoted entirely to pink.  For Spring, I think my color scheme is going to be pale pink, yellow and gray.  Here's some inspiration, hope you enjoy!

I this room, so fresh and airy!  I adore pale pink with bright yellow and pops of gray!  I know I've told you a million times - I'd like to live in a place with all white walls and floors!  I love the copper light.  I've used pink with silver and with gold, but never copper.  This is a combination I'm seeing lately and I love it.  Dig that coffee table, wonder if I could make that.  Moody's Home.

I love these shelves from Muuto!  Really digging the pink, orange and gray.  Love the pink standing lamp. 

I keep watching the Goodwill for a credenza, but no luck so far.  Just look at this baby.  Pale pink looks great with wood too!  Love the legs, love color blocking.  I have to have this piece when I win the lottery.  Wish I could build furniture.  CBY Furniture.
I'm not usually one for plate display, but this one may be changing my mind.  I love the organic simplicity of the plates, and love the colors.  Toast via the style files.
Storage never looked so good.  I'd like to have these these in my bedroom instead of a dresser.  Pink looks great with brown - that vase looks great there.  Bungalow5 via Desire to Inspire.
And speaking of the bedroom - how gorgeous is this room!  I adore the color blocking, the gray sheets, the knit ottomans used as a night stand.  I also love the pure functionality of the clothes rack and how the head board mimics its shape.  I need some of those over sized wooden beads.  Anyone know where I can get them?  Photo by Frida Ramstedt for

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fantasy Bedding

I love light pink with gray.  I have used light pink with gold and with silver, but never with copper.  Not surprisingly, pink looks great with copper.  Pink looks great with any color! I am so in love with this bedding. Feminine, soft, and comfy.  The copper and gray, as well as the casual way the bed is made, give it just the right amount of edge.  I love an imperfect, casually made bed. I want curl up and take a nap here.
Image vtwonen

Wintery Grays

Today is a beautiful gray day in Northeast Ohio.  The kind that invites you to slow down and cozy up.  I adore color, but I can't help noticing romantic neutrals lately.  As you know, gray is one my new favorite colors.  So soothing and mysterious.  I love it used in a neutral scheme.  The romantic neutrals are all about texture and shape, mixing in some rustic/organic and industrial/functional pieces.  I hope you enjoy these photos from my inspiration file.

 Love that lantern!  This would be a cute outdoor space.
 Love the painted brick and the repetitive shapes.
Love the hanging light!  Also love the display of white bottles.  May need to steal that idea.  Above three images Emma Thomas via Desire to Inspire.

I know this picture has been circulating, but I couldn't help but include it.  Such a gorgeous room!  Love that rug, the slip cover and the hanging light.  Love the palette coffee table.  Love the enlarged photo and over sized lamp.  A cozy, funky room that still manages to look simple and uncluttered.  A fine achievement.  Image via The Style Files.

Sometimes a piece is beautiful because of its pure functionality.  I need that over sized hook and one of these clothes hangers.  Image Bodie and Fou.
Beautiful slip covers lend cozy informality to this room.  Love the large organic art.  Styling by Marianne Evennou.
I hope this coffee table was made from a tree that was already felled, and not chopped down for this purpose.  If so, it's gorgeous.    Love the slip cover.  Looks like a cozy place to curl up with a puppy for a nap.  Styling by Olsson & Jensen.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean your outdoor space can't be beautiful.  I love this space!  Especially the large Buddha head.  Kathleen's Carriage House via Apartment Therapy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I love my apartment

When you have a chronic illness, there are good days and bad days.  Today is a bad day, all I am able to do is lay on the sofa.  Fortunately, I cleaned my apartment this weekend.  I am so grateful  I have such a lovely place to rest.  My apartment.  It's small and humble, but I love it.  Even though I have a lot of ideas, I'm not much of DIYer.  I don't miss living in old, dusty buildings.  I'm loving the clean, modern convenience of this place. Although I do wish I could paint!  Oh well, I'm lazy anyway.   I enjoy moving things around, though, and experimenting with color and texture.
Here's how it looks today.  I moved the taller Parsons table to the opposite side of the sofa.  I like it because three of my favorite vases have gained prominence by being elevated.  I moved the black ottoman next to the sofa to use as an end table, now I have a great place to display my new square tea pot and my hot pink lacquer tray.  

Really digging yellow, so switched my paintings around.  Love tons of white.
I love the functionality of this!  I now use my smaller Parsons table for candles.  The Vietnamese pot holds extra tea lights and incense.  I am on the look out for a cute table lighter.  I keep my slippers handy for when I want to go out on the balcony.
I have my new art project displayed on the partial wall, and a favorite painting in the hall.  My personal space is important to me, and I am very grateful for this modest apartment.  I am grateful that when company comes, they seem to love it too.  My brother was here Saturday night for dinner.  He said he loved all my "knick knacks."  Oh no, I thought.  Vases aren't knick knacks, are they?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Love and a Love of Scandinavian Design

Every where I look, people are looking to simplify their lives and their homes, so it's no surprise that Scandinavian design is popular.  It's long been one of my favorite design styles.  I adore the generous use of white - as you know my fantasy is to have white floors and walls.  Like living on a cloud.  I love how airy this type of design is.  I love the use of geometric shapes, soft colors and pottery.  There also elements of the hand made, organic, industrial and purely functional.  When done well, these elements are combined with a restrained hand, achieving a simple and serene environment.  I love reading Scandinavian blogs, I recently found a new (to me) blog and I had to share.  I could not find much personal information about the author (and the text is in Finnish), but the writer is exceptionally creative and talented.  Her home is beautiful, her photography is wonderful.  The blog is an absolute joy.  It's called Weekday Carnival and I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.  Get your cup of tea or coffee, pull up a comfy chair.  You'll want to stay a while.  The images are so gorgeous I had trouble selecting just a few.  

Beautiful painting done by author and son.  Dig that coffee table.

Her styling is so skillful.  Beautiful vignettes are everywhere.  I always see beautiful wooden bowls at the Goodwill.  She makes me think I may need one or two...
Ahhh.  How I adore all that white!  I need that shelf unit for my pottery collection!
Love the pop of the turquoise hanging lamp and the concrete table top.
Another skillful display.  I adore the simple forms.  I have a thing about objects - they must be beautiful and functional.  So I am really digging those stacked white canisters.
I love this vignette in her kitchen!  Usually I am squeamish about knife display.  Not sure why this one works for me, perhaps the black helps it be a little more modest?   I am really digging that gray color block, the abstract vase by Michael Geertsen and the salt mill by Muuto.
Really clean, simple office space.  Love it.  Simplicity fuels my creativity.
Beautiful and soft Christmas display!  I love that branch with the lights so much I'd keep it up all year.  Also really love the pink painting.
She and I share a love of boxes.  I love her DIY projects.  On the right, is an origami-inspired cardboard box she made.  She has a great tutorials on how to make these and other origami projects.  I may try my hand at these.  Be sure to check out Weekday Carnival.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  I'll be adding this blog to my link list.  Have a great weekend dear readers!


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