Sunday, February 3, 2013

A great weekend and a cute yellow box

Hello dear readers!  I had a great weekend, hope you did too!  Started off with quality girl time with my sister-in-law.  Of course we went to TJ Maxx - after eating sushi.  Ahh, it's good to be queen.  At TJ Maxx, I bought the cutest little yellow, lacquered box.  I love lacquered boxes, but they are usually too expensive for me.  This one was $29 marked down to $4!  It had a little damage that I was able to fix.  I love giving new life to an orphaned, unloved piece!  

Behold the perfect little yellow box on my bookcase.  When a new piece comes in, it's time to rearrange - as you already know.  I spent my Saturday morning with music blaring, a cup of my favorite Colombian coffee and I did my favorite thing.  Rearranged vases and art.  I am really digging yellow.  Yellow is going to be big, big, big this Spring!  You heard it here first. I really love it with pink.  But remember, a little yellow goes a long way.  

Hey, BTW, color psychology works.  I've been feeling quite lethargic since Christmas. I wanted some energy and wanted to lighten up my apartment - you know to make it happy.  What could do the trick easily, quickly and cheaply?  Why yellow, of course!  It worked!  I was productive and happy today.  Saturday evening I spent with my favorite cousin and her sweet dogs.  I've been thinking seriously about getting a puppy, but poop and pee kinda freak me out (may get a cat instead).  I am in love with my cousin's dog.  She's the sweetest dog in the world.  Saturday night I felt thoroughly loved, so grateful and slept really well.  .
Like my sister-in-law, my cousin is generous and gives me the most beautiful gifts.  This is a door hanger she bought me.  In my favorite color - hot pink - of course.  Here it is with one of my purses (also a fab gift from my sister-in-law) and some of my scarves.  I love it!  What a great way to satisfy my addiction to textiles!  So romantic too.

Some of my vases with a cute yellow bowl.  I added a bracelet to my tall vase.  Love the repetition of shapes.

And look what I found!  Pink dish soap!  Got it at Family Dollar.  Because everything should be beautiful.  Even the most mundane object.  I almost hate to use it!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Stay tuned for some exciting posts this week.  More about my apartment, my art and fun fashion stuff too!  xxoo


Jessie said...

Everything looks so cute! I do love the box! That's a great deal. Can't wait to see if you get a pet. :)

haley litzinger said...

Your writing makes me smile. Its sooo nice to be reminded to take joy in the small things! I love it!

Peggy said...

@ Jessie - Thanks!

@ Haley - thanks for visiting and reading! Thank you for the lovely compliment as well.


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